Photo of the Month

"Barrenjoey Dreamtime"

I positioned myself for what I figured was best advantage then sat back on the Barrenjoey escarpment, relaxed, took in the expanse and progressively melted out of reality. The right shot was going to present itself sooner or later as I waited for the sun to move into position behind the lighthouse. Either way, just being there was enough. To explain this shot view "Photo Appreciation"

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"The Art of Dissent" - Distinguished work published in ArtAscent Vol 43 Sensuality - June 2020

"Party with Picasso" - Distinguished work published in ArtAscent Vol 44 Abstract - August 2020

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SteveFitz - Pittwater LIfe Ad - Septembe

10 Years of Political Failure - Alienates a Generation 

So, let's help them with the political sword called the truth

Stephen Fitzgerald is an artist painting a vivid picture, a humanitarian and activist

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