Raw, edgy and free flowing. Artists love it for the unconventional bold brush work, to match the bold statement and, that appeals to the artist in me although, what you see and what I see may be vastly different.

The way we look, the way we think, the way we view the world and the way we interpret information, is all different. This series encourage that individual interpretation. 

I've added a touch of abstract pixalisation to represent the modern era and tie the series together. A series about social rebellion and, influenced by the iconic 1950's art rebel himself, Ian Fairweather.

After I went profoundly deaf I turned inward and started to reflect. Like a good song, the work creeps up on you and slowly grows on you and it's lasting.

Single panel left or right side:

Oil on canvas (50cm x 62cm) x 1

Price: $490.00

Two panels in mirror reverse:

Oil on canvas (50cm x 62cm) x 2

Price: $950.0

Founders and Principal sponsors: Stephen Fitzgerald ( SteveFitz )

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