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Unraveling the Global Conflict Web
By Stephen Fitzgerald

4th October 2023

Fossil Fuel and War

In a world grappling with conflicts and the devastating consequences, it becomes imperative to examine the underlying factors. One recurring theme emerges prominently and that is the control of oil and natural gas resources. There is a complex relationship between conflicts and the pursuit of control over these valuable energy sources. Moreover, it emphasizes the urgent need for sustainable alternatives, as the repercussions of burning the fossil fuels we are fighting for extend far beyond the immediate human toll.


Oil and natural gas are pivotal to the global economy, serving as the lifeblood of modern industrial societies. They power transportation, generate electricity, and are critical components of various manufacturing processes. Consequently, nations with abundant oil and gas reserves possess considerable economic leverage on the global stage.

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Control over these finite resources has been a driving force behind political maneuvering, regional rivalries, and even full-scale wars. Nations resort to military interventions, proxy conflicts, or diplomatic pressure to secure their access to these energy sources. Historical examples, such as the Gulf Wars (Oil), the Syrian Civil War (Oil), Sudan (Oil), Afghanistan (Gas), Ukraine (Gas), Israel/Palestine (Oil) or tensions over the gas fields in the South China Sea (Gas), to name just a few, highlight the intricate link between geopolitical conflicts and the quest for oil and gas control.


Tragically, the pursuit of oil and natural gas resources comes at a tremendous human cost. Countless lives have been lost, and millions of individuals have been forcibly displaced as refugees, fleeing violence and upheaval. Entire nations have been torn apart, leading to the collapse of infrastructure, economic instability, and a profound disruption of the social fabric.


Conflicts fueled by resource control not only lead to direct casualties but also perpetuate a cycle of violence, economic deprivation, factional fighting and political instability. This volatile environment creates breeding grounds for extremism, exacerbating regional tensions and threatening global security. The Russian invasion of Ukraine for control of massive gas fields as the current example.


While the human cost of these conflicts is staggering, the consequences extend even further. Burning all the oil and natural gas resources humanity is fighting over would have catastrophic effects on the environment and ultimately pose an existential threat to our own survival and that of the natural world.


The combustion of fossil fuels releases vast amounts of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases, leading to global warming which drives climate change. Rising temperatures, extreme weather events, the melting of the global ice reservoir, rising sea levels and coastal flooding are just a few of the alarming consequences we witness across the planet today. Should we continue down this path, the planet's ecosystems will face irreversible damage, threatening biodiversity, driving mass human migration and exacerbating resource and food scarcity.


Given the urgent need to address these multifaceted challenges, a paradigm shift is imperative. Transitioning away from fossil fuels and investing in sustainable alternatives must become a global priority. Renewable energy sources, such as solar, wind, hydroelectric, hydrogen, nuclear and geothermal power, offer viable solutions to meet our energy needs without further endangering the planet or continuing to killing each other driven by mindless greed.


The major powers on the planet, including Australia, are gearing up for war for a reason - Without energy even the largest nation will literally grind to a halt. There are 35 years supply of oil left on the planet and the fight for control of that energy will escalate. So the fossil fuel industry's propaganda against transitioning to renewable energy is driving us headlong into WAR. No doubt the arms industry and war economies are in full support.


There are two serious problems here - If we don't kill ourselves fighting over the last drop of oil and gas we will destroy the planet and ourselves by burning all the fossil fuel we are fighting for. It doesn't make any sense. In fact it is the epitome of stupidity. As a species are we that dumb that we can't add up 1 + 1 = we are doomed on this path.

It's like we are in the zombi apocalypse and everyone is brain dead. We need to wake up and remove the demand for fossil fuel to stop the wars and save the planet before we step off the proverbial cliff and drag our friends, our families, society, the country and planet Earth with us!

This is a critical time for humanity and it requires critical thinking - Even if that means a few "F" words to get us motivated. So, think for f*** sake THINK!!!

O.K. Besides across the board mechanisms of denial what have we got:


(1) Today, right now, we have a beautiful world environment to live and play in provided we can dodge the odd extreme weather event. Keep in mind that things are pretty good for us and our kids today so we should cherish it. If you have been avoiding the facts and don't like being slapped in the face - Stop reading now. Or muscle-up and read on...


(2) We have an entrenched fossil fuel industry willing to fight to the bitter end to extract, sell and burn every last drop of oil and gas on the planet.  With the support of the political class, the investment/banking sector and growing global demand, they can't be stopped. We have tried and failed.

(3) Globally we have insufficient raw materials or manufacturing capacity to produce enough alternat energy (solar panels, wind turbines, electric cars etc.) to effectively transition to renewables by 2050. We may just get to 40% renewables for electricity production but what then. Every consumable we have relies on oil in the production process - Everything.

(4) Individually and collectively we have an unwillingness to cut back on consumption and consume less, unless we are forced into it with a deep recession verging on economic collapse. If you look around the world right now it's on the cards whether we like it or not. To have any lasting effect we would need to cut back to zero economic growth together with zero population growth. Is the capitalist system ready for that? No - But it may be forced on us by 2050 so keep that in mind. 

(5) Alternatively, when things turn to crap and to distract the population, we have a society splitting debate about abortion (USA) or first nation recognition in the constitution (AUS) or we go and have a nice big WAR. Everyone is getting ready for that but, I don't think it will help. Besides the death and destruction it will just consume resources that could be better deployed and there is no benefit to anyone in the end game.

(6) Once we come out of the pending depression and possible war do we go back to business as usual? I don't think it's going to be quite the same with 2 billion more mouths to feed, no oil or gas and as a bonus, a climate going completely insane. Or is that just me going completely insane?

(7) Anyway, skip all of that and go find a nice quiet place with a nice environment and start prepping so your family has a back-up escape plan. It's the least we can do since we stuffed things up and are too dumb to fix it. Yes, we really are that dumb! We are so dumb that we can't cut back on consumption, we keep pushing population growth and we give the fossil fuel industry whatever they want.

Passing aliens would look down and think: "They had the technology to save themselves but they kept burning fossil fuel. What a bunch of morons and such a shame. It was truly a lovely blue planet so full of life".

So much for pushing climate action for the past 15 years. All that got me was ostracized by my friends and family but it may have helped to buy a bit more time. Now I know how other activists, climate scientists and thinking people must feel. I did have the full support of my beautiful wife Anne' and thank God she is not here to see where the world is headed - It would break her precious heart. Love you forever Anne' XXX 

This doesn't mean I give up - Saving Gods creation, including us, is the right thing to do so I'll keep fighting for climate action behind the scenes and through my art.


Steve Fitz

4th October 2023

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