Goddess of Love

(Distinguished work published in ArtAscent Vol 43 Sensuality June 2020)

"On a mission to save what she loves"

When it comes to the climate debate words aren't working so I've taken the Banksy approach. I've researched all the facts and put the background story on global warming into one powerful piece of contemporary art. Described as profoundly beautiful, this futuristic work  is a radical departure from the art world status quo and prompts us to contemplate the future and our impact on the world.



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Some of the dream & animal spirit meanings in these artworks

The opposing mountains leaning towards each other represent a monumental real life battle and portray the environmental and humanitarian devastation of rampant corporate greed, on one side, in opposition to the natural world and society on the other. Riddled with metaphors begging interpretation, the dream meanings and animal spirits are just a small part of this expansive performance and brush lightly over the surface of a much deeper and profound social massage.


EAGLE: Messenger of the gods.


REEDS: In mythology the reed represents the human will and it takes a strong will not to be moved by worldly ambitions or sensuality but, to surrender personal interests to that of the universal greater good.


KANGAROO: Indicates gratitude and abundance and, speaks about family, balance, and strength. Some of the things needed to sustain a successful and happy life. In this case they also represent us.

KOALA: The masters of mindfulness -  Move slowly and choose wisely. The koala spirit teaches us the core lesson of life on earth. In this case the Koala is clinging to a sawn-off tree branch and is desperately appealing for help.

CRANE: Symbolizes using your voice uniquely to expose secrets and help others on their path.

HUMMINGBIRD: A symbol of beauty and grace are seen as healers and bringers of love, good luck and joy - Also, you have the flexibility and stamina to do far more than you think.

BUTTERFLY: The butterfly brings lightness, happiness and colour to your life. A metamorphosis has begun and like the Monarch butterfly's three generation continental return journey to the same location, you are tuned in to the ancient wisdom of the ancestors.

LORIKEET: The symbolic character traits of the Lorikeet include communication skills, recognition of your soul mate, the love of communication and language, ability to see every view-point and, respect of other people’s opinions. In this case, the Lorikeet also represents people with those qualities being crucified. 

CASSOWARY: Maintains a lush green forest and keeps it alive. Represents strength and a strong will to fight to protect what is most important with a mix of defence and offense.

DRAGONFLY: Change, transformation and being open to new experience. Something big is unfolding.

CICADA: The embodiment of rebirth after living so long in the dark. Sends a loud clear message once awakened.

LADYBUG: This spirit meaning symbolizes happiness and a playful spirit and brings an instant sense of pure delight to reminds us that the small things in life are worth protecting and make it all worthwhile.

LILY PADS: Lily pads represent the cycle of life and our own fleeting fragility and beauty, from our birth, through our prime, to our death. Though rooted in mud, we can rise to blossom in sunlight above the water.  


LOTUS FLOWERS: The lotus blossoms when the human heart opens itself to detachment from the material world, rising to enlightenment through purity of mind, body, actions and speech.

CRAYFISH: Determined attitude to achieve a goal that is annoying or off-putting to others. Symbolizes protection, regeneration and the power to transform. Along with the Platypus, the crayfish is a Goddess of Love protector and mascot.

PLATYPUS: Teaches us to swim through our emotions and be aware of our uniqueness. It dares us to be our-self and reassures us that no matter what others think, don’t be afraid to be who we really are.

FISH: The water element connection gives fish spirits the connotation of the subconscious, emotions, healing and purification with purposeful movement and mindful independence.

FROGS: This spirit symbolizes a transitional phases to remind us that change is a natural and positive part of life.

TADPOLES: Awareness of the simplicity of life and reminds us there are those who have not reached full maturity or understanding.

MOUNTAIN IN THE SNOW: Symbolises our dreams, goals and aspirations sparking the enthusiasm to push us to active deeds and to achieve great goals.

THE THREE SISTERS: West of Sydney, this Blue Mountains icon represents Australians working together to hold back the impending floodwaters of climate change and global warming.

WATERFALL: Washing away the past and rejuvenation.

RAINBOW: Represents an inner awakening and hope for the future. The rainbow being pushed to the ground instead of arcing in the sky suggest we are going to struggle with both waking-up and maintaining hope.

ROCKY GROUND: Walking over rocky ground symbolizes a difficult road ahead made more dangerous walking through water. 

GOLD NUGGET: Symbolizes our quest to perfect, illuminate and refine ourselves. On the dark side, the gold nugget found in this river bed suggests we will dig up, dredge and destroy our beautiful environment looking for more gold, driven by blind greed.

BLUE STONE: The Goddess of Love is pointing to the blue stone representing royalty and power, to remind us that all previous great civilization went under and were destroyed from within by the greed of the ruling elite.

APPLE & SNAKE: A Garden of Eden connotation with the gilded golden snake representing the corruption of innocence and, the hidden green apple representing envy and temptation.

FIG LEAF: A sign of blessing and security but can also symbolize the wrath of nature when the fig tree is stripped bare and fruitless. More importantly, it's a biblical metaphor for how we should recognize the sign of the times when good is overshadowed by evil.

What we see depends on what we look at

The female form is the essence of all art. Take the Goddess of Love out of this artwork and the background image is nothing, no one would ever look at it. It follows that without humanity on earth the endless beauty of nature is lost because there is no one there to see it. 


We are a species of primates with a brain so big that it reaches beyond the stars. It makes us different and it makes us special. A million generations have gone before and a million generations will come after you and me so how special are we? We are just a blip in time evolved and created by the earth so, how can we possibly think that we own the earth when clearly the earth owns us? 

The money and possession we fight over are worthless to us when we are dead. The only thing of any real value, that we leave behind, are the next generations, our children. One after the other, that is what will echo down through time. So we strengthen the children of those generations, we build them up and in doing that we invest in humanities future.

Not standing by our children and protecting their future and the future of a planet able to sustain them defeats the object of being human or even being born at all.​

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"Goddess of Love" -  Distinguished work published in ArtAscent Vol 43 Sensuality June 2020. Showcasing Indie & emerging artists. Buy digital US$2.90 or hard copy US$21.00 and brighten up your day.

SteveFitz is an artist painting a vivid picture, a humanitarian and activist

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