New Wave 

The seemingly divine ability to create photorealism is a legitimate art movement that has always carried the 'WOW' factor.


This new 2021 series of work is still in development and being completed with ​commission enquiries welcome. Finding Diamonds has been published on the front cover of Pittwater Life November 2020.


Inspired on the Northern Beach of Sydney Australia. The compression technique gives a dramatic feel to each scene while the smooth flowing brushwork adds movement and an appealing soft rhythm to remind us that this is an oil painting.

Attention has been paid to the balance of light and dark (The Notan). That, coupled with startling colour harmony and thoughtful composition will provide a lifetime of enjoyment from this beautiful inspiring, and now famous, series of artworks.


Oil on canvas

Size is 50cm x 50cm

Price: $975

SteveFitz is an artist with a social conscience painting a vivid picture, an environmentalist & activist

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