New Wave - Seascapes

My 2021 series of work is a first, that I have seen, in terms of style. With long smooth flowing brushstrokes I flood the scene with movement and then balance that with smooth areas to transition the landscape, or seascape, into a surreal oil painting.

To create the long smooth lines that give this work its distinctive feel the paint needs to be thin to flow through the brush. To achieve the desired saturation and depth of colour, the work needs to be built up in many layers with drying between each layer. So a painting can take 3 months to complete.

Barrenjoey Dreamtime, in this series, was published on the front cover of Pittwater Life  April 2021. The work will be completed in May and expressions of interest have already been shown.  

Finding Diamonds is a commissioned work and the preliminary design was published on the front cover of Pittwater Life in November 2020. The actual oil painting was completed in March 2021 and entered in the 2021 Wynne Prize.

Attention has been paid to the balance of light and dark (The Notan). That, coupled with startling colour harmony and thoughtful composition will provide generations of enjoyment from this beautiful inspiring, and now famous, series of unique and powerful paintings.


Oil on canvas mounted with protector frame

Sizes: 50x50cm or 40x60cm

Price: $975