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Stephen Fitzgerald

18th October 2020

Killing two birds with one stone

One aspect of fossil fuel is about global warming. People with myopia, loss aversion and confirmation bias simply don’t get the looming threat of climate change so, let me explain: Greenhouse gasses, from burning fossil fuel, are like a blanket. The more we add the thicker the blanket and the hotter the earth becomes. At the beginning of the industrial revolution Co2 was 278 parts per million. By July 2020, it has reached a new record high of 415ppm with the entire world 1°C warmer and rising.  

Heat equates to energy and the more energy the more extreme our weather events. The geologic record tells us that sea level fluctuation is more than 130 metres depending on the volume of the global ice reservoir and that relates to air and sea temperature. From ice core samples, the last time Co2 levels were this high was in the late Pliocene era when sea levels were 20 meters higher, than today, and global temperature was 3°C hotter. That's our future if we don't stop burning fossil fuel and even a child understands the science.

The other aspect of fossil fuel is about $$$ money. All those wars in the Middle East, all the death, all the destruction, all the refugees, are about control of oil and natural gas. Part of the U.S./China conflict is about control of the largest oil reserve on the planet: 297 billion barrels of oil in Venezuela. The military build-up in eastern China and their incursion into the South China Sea is about control of massive gas fields (Google it). It’s not about freedom of navigation as postured by the U.S. & Australia, and drives our trade dispute with China.

We can kill two birds with one stone: (1) We can stop the climate crisis and rising oceans and (2) We can stop the oil wars, the conflict, and the social division by cutting through the propaganda and removing the demand for fossil fuel. We can do this together by insisting our politicians promote a rapid transition to renewable clean energy. This is more than just political ideology and vested interests, this is about saving humanity, the natural world, our beautiful beaches and the future of your own family and, it doesn’t get any bigger than that.

For the evidence and a bit of entertainment, read on...

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Making sense of the world & The real threat to Democracy?

As the sun rose on Extinction Rebellion’s newspaper blockade Boris Johnson accused XR of committing the anti-democratic act of preventing the British public’s access to the free press. In a pantomime of irony, the Council of Europe just issued a ‘Level 2 media freedom alert’ on the UK government... Read more

Net Zero - When zero equals everything

If you think long and hard about the climate crisis, you may (a) get depressed (b) agree with some activists who see the solution as overthrowing capitalism (c) spend more time at the holiday house on Jupiter or (d) do something even more impossible and install a government we can trust... Read more

10 Years of Political Failure - Alienates a Generation

So, let's help them with the political sword called the truth... Australia’s most senior former public servants and scientists reveal their anger about climate policy failure. The end result of politicising a disaster is a bigger disaster. As author and scientist Tim Flannery adds some sobering observations... Read more

Using Australia as a pawn - The first thing to suffer is the truth

Morrison strikes at China after phone call from Trump - Out of all the countries in the West, Australia is the most dependent on China. According to the latest available figures, Australia imports more goods and services from China than any other country and that is now threatened...  Read more

Signs of the Apocalypse - The Gods are Angry

It has always been part of the human condition to look at nature for signs, like extreme and prolonged weather events, and to some extent for humans to be superstitious or religious. In another time and place, signs of the apocalypse would suggest that the Gods are angry... Read more

Three Blind Mice & Fragile States

Former prime minister Julia Gillard said you simply have to follow the science and listen to the experts as she hits out at "strongman" leaders across the globe for their response to the corona-virus pandemic. Some of the nations that are led by those type of men — Jair Bolsonaro in Brazil, the USA's Donald Trump and UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson — are among the countries doing the worst... Read more

Democracy Under Siege - Calling out Fascism

With instant communication comes far reaching social awareness and then protest, followed by a renewed fight for democracy, on a global scale. The political scientist explains that our societies are separated into two groups at odds with each other - The "pure people" and the "corrupt ruling elite". The true populist leader represents the unified "will of the people”... Read more

Australian Democracy "Downgraded"

What the climate debate brings to light is that our democracy is not what it seems. Some of our elected representatives don’t put Australia and the Australian people first. They represent a small but powerful group of corporates and industrialists who feed off society and are in it for themselves. Don’t expect these types to advance the collective good or protect the natural world. As Australia’s democracy is downgraded from ‘open’ to ‘narrowed’. (SBS "The Feed" article)... Read more

Big Oil - Show Their Hand

The pandemic shut down global and domestic travel and the demand for oil plummeted. Over supply and oil storage became the big problem. Prices bottomed and, without storage, oil production would need to be shut down, some wells permanently. To continue burning oil, Trump and his backers pushed for America to re-open too early and literally fuel the pandemic... Read more

Big Oil v The Planet - The Evidence!

Someone needs to say it... There are two pathways that present themselves for humanities future. One is the marriage between governments and the power brokers controlling fossil fuels and war, and the other is a move to sustainable energy. We can win this by removing the demand for fossil fuels... Oil wars! The headlines are shocking beyond belief.... Read more

The Beast Among Us - Climate SOS

The real drivers of global warming are the people staunchly promoting the burning of fossil fuel that release the wild beast called greenhouse gases into our living environment. If not controlled, it’s a beast that has the potential to devour and destroy us... Read more

Climate Talk - Open Discussion 

I think we are all here for the same reasons:- To find out why our government is doing nothing to address global warming and, to find out what we can do if we want action on climate change. I say what needs to be said and yes, understand how the world works may shock you... Read more

Game of Thrones

There's a parallel that perhaps you can relate to: -  Game of Thrones is an American fantasy drama and, in it’s simplest form, can be explained as seven noble families fighting for control of the mythical land of Westeros. In their deadly battles for money, power and control they remain oblivious to a secondary threat, from the frozen north-lands, that has the potential to destroy their world.... Read more

Letter to my Family

If there was an invading army coming to burn our country, wipe out our wildlife, drown our cities, decimate our homes and infrastructure, destroy our economy and kill us and our families, you would demand to be fully informed. You have been fully informed and there is no longer any excuse! Driven by the burning of fossil fuels, global warming is upon us and no less deadly than an invading army with the worst destruction yet to come... Read more

Ice Melt & Rising Oceans

The fact that we look different is telling us something. We are different. The way we view the world, the way we process information, the way we communicate, the way we look, the way we do things and what we choose to believe, is all different. As individuals, we have a right to believe what we want whether it’s ideology or some other thing that supports our own agenda. This does not give our democratically elected representatives the right to ignore irrefutable scientific evidence.... Read more

Our Best Future

April 12, 1961, Soviet cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin orbited Earth in the world's first manned space flight. "I saw how beautiful our planet is. People, let us preserve and increase this beauty, not destroy it!" Every astronaut since has had the same feeling. Scientists calculated a 'Point of no return' for dealing with climate change and time is running out. Read more

Pie in the sky

Green house gasses trap energy from the sun and drive global warming. A one degree increase in global temperature equates to a 7% increase in atmospheric water vapour. Increased temperature and water vapour drives extremes in weather. As the worlds largest coal exporter, in aggregate, Australia is the source of at least 4.6% of total global carbon emissions. The only way out is to stop burning fossil fuels but, we have a major fight on our hands..... Read more

Climate change - "We will adapt" - LNP

Record breaking hurricane slams Florida. The strongest cyclone on record wipes out Mozambique, the cost of unprecedented floods in Queensland runs into the billions. Add to that droughts, wild-fires, fish kill and the hottest years on record and we suspect something is amiss. Increased global temperature equates to energy in the atmosphere, equates to extremes in weather, ocean expansion, ice melt and rising sea-levels... Read more

An uncertain future - Political madness

From the New York Times, the most dire of predictions: WASHINGTON — A major scientific report issued by 13 federal agencies on Friday presents the starkest warnings to date of the consequences of climate change for the United States, predicting that if significant steps are not taken to rein in global warming, the damage will knock as much as 10 percent off the size of the American economy by century’s end.... Read more

Creating conflict

Flashback - What started out as a pathetic little grab for votes in the Wentworth By-election, by the Morrison LNP government, has now escalated to include threatening every Australian citizen and Australian trade. “Wentworth voters see embassy relocation as a targeted pitch to Jewish voters”. Which takes us back to religion being a political force.... Read more

Feeding the monster

An outstandingly bad illiberal democracy, also called a partial democracy, low intensity democracy, hybrid regime or guided democracy, is a governing system in which, although elections take place, citizens are cut off from knowledge about the activities of those who exercise real power because of a lack of accountability, transparency, freedom of speech and civil rights. It is not an “open society”.... Read more

Murdoch strikes at democracy

The first German chancellor, Otto von Bismarck, said there were two sights the public should not see: The making of laws and the making of sausages. To this list of enduringly nauseating spectacles we should add one more: The political machinations of media moguls. It's called one sided censorship. So, it only goes half way towards removing freedom of speech but, it goes all the way to undermining democracy..... Read more

Who stole justice

I’m as deaf as a post but I hear the call “We want justice”. Here’s another little problem that haunts our precious society. Our adversarial legal system favours those with the most money. Like the LNP, it’s been manipulated and corrupted to favour corporates and the top end of town. The Law Society would have us believe that “justice system” and “legal system” are the same thing - They are not.... Read more

Testing the System

In pre-hearing, the conciliator advise that very few cases are ever won by the worker seeking justice in the FWC. My question to that was why? The corporate will win and they will go after you for costs and drive you into bankruptcy. My question to that was how? From this experience it comes down to unscrupulous defence lawyers and a manipulative magistrate favouring corporates. In other words protecting the guilty on behalf of the federal government - All proven with evidence on the court record... Read more

It's in the DNA

Passing alien would look down at the depleted and damaged earth and debate why we would developed the technologies that could power our advancing civilization then continue to burn fossil fuels and destroy ourselves? They would need to look no further than their own evolution to answer that question. We evolve beyond a certain point or we don’t..... Read more

Why don't we Listen

Collectively, what is wrong with us as a species - As pointed out in "It's in the DNA", greed is one driving force that can destroy us but, so can ignorance and our apparent lack of reasoning. To be in with a fighting chance, at survival, we need to understand where we come from. Reasonable-seeming people are often totally irrational.... Read more

What makes an Activist

Something happens in our lives and causes us to question what we know. We open our eyes and seek the truth. The more we uncover, the hungrier we are to understand how the world works. We discover a world driven by greed, corruption and deception. We read a lot and there is a capacity to see the big picture, put the greater good ahead of ourselves and be prepared to stand and fight for a better and fairer world.... Read more

Atmospheric CO2 Management

It is acknowledged that increased atmospheric CO2, as a result of burning fossil fuel, equates to increased global warming, extreme weather events, ice melt and sea-level rise. The objective then, would be to reduce our carbon emissions and, in support, extract CO2 from the atmosphere with an ongoing program of carbon capture & storage (CCS)... Read more PDF File

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