Who's the real danger to Democracy?
By Stephen Fitzgerald for Extinction Rebellion

12th September 2020

"Murdoch entwined"

As the sun rose on Extinction Rebellion’s newspaper blockade Prime Minister Boris Johnson accused XR of committing the anti-democratic act of preventing the British public’s access to the free press... Smells like something straight out of the conservative politicians handbook: "Accuse others of doing what you are doing to divert attention away from yourself and, as a bonus, create social division.

In a pantomime of irony, the Council of Europe just issued a formal warning (a ‘Level 2 media freedom alert’, no less) to the UK government for blacklisting investigative journalists that it didn’t like. This came just hours before Boris saddled up his high horse to very seriously lecture XR on their ‘completely unacceptable’ attack on democracy.


Here are some things that XR also consider 'completely unacceptable': six billionaires control Britain’s ‘free' press; Murdoch’s empire contributes, in the words of one of its own senior execs, to 'the spread of climate change denial and lies', with the M-bomb himself entwined with fossil fuel interests. Disturbingly, Murdoch’s people have met with the government 206 times in the last two years. "Something as small as a fly on the wall could start a revolution" - Sing along.


Oh, and that every single PM in office since Thatcher has been Murdoch-backed. Questioning the oligarchic choke-hold on our press, Mr Johnson, is not an attack but, a defence of democracy. 

Murdoch’s one sided media coverage goes half way towards censorship but, as pointed out, all the way towards undermining democracy. In the land or OZ he goes one step further. Every government backed by Murdoch not only attacks investigative journalism but also cuts funding and hollows out our independent national broadcaster, the ABC. They even pull in their own militia, 'the Australian Federal Police', to attack and threaten journalists. With Scott Morrison playing to Murdoch's tune.

In protest at Murdoch's climate denial, propaganda and political manipulation, Sydney climate protesters, take a less subtle approach to their British counterparts and, get extremely literal. By dumping ‘Bullshit’ at Murdoch's News Corp office forcing executives to step over MANURE to get to work. You gotta love it... Check out this powerful 1min video of the action!

For the full story on Murdoch and a compelling read on this informative topic: Murdoch strikes at Democracy

Extinction Rebellion

As we become more aware of how the world operates, and after the pandemic, we need to once again focus on who and what drives the climate emergency and environmental crisis unfolding across the planet and, collectively, how to manage that.

This Guide: Emergency on Planet Earth 'tells the truth' about what’s happening, why, and what we can do about global warming. If you have any concern, at all, about the future of your own family please run through the table of contents and brows the topics that interests you.


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