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Three Blind Mice
Stephen Fitzgerald

14th July 2020 - Bastille Day - Fighting back

Updated 20th October 2020 

And Fragile States

Last night on ABC’s Q&A, former prime minister Julia Gillard said you simply have to follow the science and listen to the experts as she hits out at "strongman" leaders across the globe for their response to the corona-virus pandemic. A disturbing pattern has emerged…


Some of the nations that are led by those type of men — Jair Bolsonaro in Brazil, the USA's Donald Trump and UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson — are among the countries doing the absolute worst when it comes to handling the Covid-19 pandemic.

3 blind mice.jpg

The US, Brazil and UK have the three highest deaths rates and/or case numbers globally as their virus curves continue to arch upward. Tared with the same brush, the question then becomes: “Have right wing conservative leaders around the world been ‘exposed’ for their ‘shortfalls’ and, what drives their self obsession and total disregard for the lives of their fellow countrymen?”

Possibly the same thing that drives their lack of action on climate change: “Besides the United States under [Donald] Trump and Brazil under [Jair] Bolsonaro, we in Australia, under [Scott] Morrison, are the only major economy that does not take the need for action on climate change seriously." In contrast, progressive politicians take a different approach: ‘New jobs, new industries, new wealth’: Kevin Rudd’s vision for a green recovery out of the pandemic. 



Donald Trump

Read any article about him, listen to any comment, and you will hear the same assessment. Trump is dangerously insane


The USA is now an abusive household. Donald Trump is the lunatic authority figure stalking and traumatizing the victims – the American people. It becomes increasingly evident, that with Trump's every social media post, public utterance and policy directive, our president suffers from a severe form of mental illness. His insanity threatens millions of lives, and has become particularly dangerous during the most devastating public health crisis in the last 100 years. In the words of world-renowned intellectual and author Noam Chomsky: “The presidency, the White House, is in the hands of a sociopathic megalomaniac.”


Political scientist Dorian B. Kantor reports a palpable fragmentation of Republican elites as Donald Trump’s effect on American democracy is described as “corrosive,” undermining the rule of law and Constitution. “Partisanship must take a back seat to removing not only Donald Trump, but also those Republicans who have enabled him to be a threat to American institutions and America’s standing in the world”. Joe Biden in his election campaign has tactfully itemized Donald Trumps broken promises.


Boris Johnson

Like a borderline sociopath, Johnson again misjudges the mood of the chamber:


It’s become a standard strategy for Boris Johnson at prime minister’s questions, ever since he got mullered in their first few outings. Unable to cope with the detail of Keir Starmer’s questions, he lashes out with diversionary tactics. Either accusing the Labour leader of doing something he hasn’t done, answering a completely different question or playing to the non-existent gallery of Tory back-benchers.


There’s just one large spanner in the works. It’s not working. Because at every PMQs Boris merely reveals more of the true character he is trying to conceal. The thin-skinned, unprepared opportunist who cannot tolerate a word of scrutiny or criticism. It’s like dealing with a toddler. If you’re not 100% behind him, saying how marvelous he is, then you are totally against him. There are no in-betweens. In terms of emotional development, Boris is barely out of nappies. How else can you explain Wednesday’s performance at PMQs other than as a full-on narcissistic breakdown?


Jair Bolsonaro

Ex military strongman and right wing extremist, Brazil's Jair Bolsonaro followed Trump’s coronavirus blueprint. Now its cases are surging.


President Jair Bolsonaro, the leader of Latin America's largest country, has followed a near-identical coronavirus script to President Donald Trump. Under fire, both Mr Bolsonaro and Mr Trump have downplayed the virus, attacked their own health experts, attended large gatherings, attacked the free press, sacked top advisers, spread false information and portrayed the virus as a “little flu” or a scheme dreamed up by their enemies to oust them from office. Enough said…


Scott Morrison

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison proposed to cut funding to charitable organization Food Bank right on Christmas. Food Bank helps people hit by natural disasters and 710,000 needy families, children, seniors, disabled, unemployed and veterans, a month, living on or below the poverty line.


A total lack of empathy, for others, is a sign of narcissistic personality disorder found in sociopaths. The clinical psychologist suggests that these types think it makes them look like big men. Belittling people to elevate themselves only empowers cowards.




There is a Western political trend that is summed up in the U.S of A:- The Republican Party is the political arm of big business and, as pointed out above, the president represents the corporate elite who enable him. Trump was chosen for being a showman and a front man, not a statesman. Let's consider Trumps $800 million donated election funds and, his ensuing shadow cabinet. From an article by Robert Weissman at Huff Post: “President-Elect Donald Trump‘s cabinet and top nominees draw more deeply from an extremist faction of the corporate class than any in memory, and likely in history. We are witnessing the wholesale corporate takeover of the American government”.


A profit driven corrupted political system is the petri-dish and Trump, Johnson and Bolsonaro are the result of a festering disease eating the heart and lungs out of their respective countries.


Our political system was set up by industrialists to serve industrialists and they have had plenty of time to manipulate and control our democracy to favor themselves. Using the actions of these “Three Blind Mice” leaders as the defining examples, the well being of our societies and the lives of it’s citizens becomes merely collateral damage in favour of profit.


So, why do we vote for rat-bags rather than politicians who would look after and protect their own country and fellow citizens? For that glowing spark of enlightenment, we need to look no further than the Conservative Politicians Handbook. That dark little book kept hidden and only silently passed around at private gatherings of the financial elite and to new initiates at right wing factional parties.


It starts off with a vow of affirmation: “The overriding first objective of the Right is to attain money, power and control at any cost to society”. To join the club, you agree to cut out your own heart and flush empathy down the toilet. Having a brain or balls is incidental compared to blind loyalty. “The second objective is to win government to fulfill the first objective”. To do that, a political party needs 51% of the vote but the rich and powerful only represent about 2% of society so they need to con another 49% of the population to take control of a country. Lets have a look at how they manage to achieve that…




  1. Control public discourse through mainstream media monopoly - Sky, Murdoch, 2GB etc

  2. Censorship of balanced news reporting - Cut funding and threaten the ABC & SBS

  3. Brainwash the population - Shock jock propaganda & false news repetition

  4. Defamation - Smear campaigns of opposition parties and target their leaders

  5. ​False accusations - Accuse others of doing the wrong things you are doing, as a diversion

  6. Lie through your teeth - To achieve a political goal or protect corruption

  7. Attack and diversion - To avoid answering embarrassing questions

  8. Distract the electorate - Sport, gambling, alcohol and brain dissolving TV

  9. Dumb down the workforce - Cut public education funding and increase university fees

  10. Undermine intellectuals who question how society is run - Double the cost of humanities degrees 

  11. Divide and conquer - Create social division: Left v right, climate v fossil fuel, winners v losers etc

  12. Create an enemy - Anyone or anything inc. Muslims, refugees, China, activists, Greens etc

  13. Social oppression - Cut funding to social services and $$$ privatise the public sector

  14. Vote buying or bribery - Increased funding to buy religious votes & sports rort grants etc

  15. Police State - Expand the police & military with domestic shoot to kill authorization

  16. Corruption - Electoral fraud and oppose a federal corruption watchdog or Fed ICAC

  17. Strive for authoritarian rule by undermining democracy & displaying the military

  18. Downsize government - Remove controls on big business so they can plunder society - Banks

  19. Political cronyism - Look after yourself and your mates who feed off society

  20. Channel the wealth of society upward to your rich and powerful enablers who pay minimal tax

  21. Surround yourself with like minded people - People with no empathy and a void where moral grounding should be



From Crikey 31st August 2020 - “Of all the countries I’ve lived and traveled in, Australia is the least racist". — Andrew Bolt. The guy who literally wrote a News Corp op-ed decrying “a tidal wave of immigrants [sweeping] away what’s left of our national identity” is simply dumbfounded anyone would want to "campaign against Australian racism"?


Crikey didn’t come straight out and say it, but I will: What’s disturbing here is the Conservative Politicians Handbook practice of "create an enemy" and "social division" with Andrew Bolt targeting Muslims and ethnic minorities (Daily Telegraph August 2, 2018) in the lead up to the Christchurch mosque shootings (March 15, 2019). After 51 innocent people were murdered, Bolt backed off and, since it's in the news again: Christchurch mosque shooter sentenced (August 27, 2020), Bolt is still trying to distance himself from his effort to inflame racist hatreds and fears (August 28, 2020). The same tactic used by Trump.

What a bunch of fu#@%ng wankers.

Also, straight out of the Conservative Politicians Handbook: "Accuse others of doing the wrong things you are doing"... Once again, right-wing Murdoch shock jock Andrew Bolt represents the epitome of hypocrisy while accusing others of hypocrisy.

Is this what we want influencing the public debate in Australia - I hear a resounding NO! Like the rest of the right-wing propaganda machine there is a simple solution - "Boycott Murdoch's advertisers and switch him off".

A country ensnared by right-wing ideology is invariably a country divided and, I would like something better for my children.




When democracy, societies and good citizens are abused by their leaders, here's a wake-up call to where those countries are headed right now: On the Fragile States Index, under right wing elitist control, the United States, United Kingdom and Brazil are today, rapidly worsening!


In the early 20th century, at a time of growing fascism and democratic failure, Franklin D. Roosevelt tilted the economic balance away from the corporations and the wealthy. He put the US in a position of global leadership rather than isolation — and led the defence of democracy in America and around the world.



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