Who Shot Charlie D
“Charlie D” could be Charles Dickens, political activist and literary genius or, Charles Darwin the scientist who introduced us to the theory of evolution.
Inspired by Botticelli's "The Birth of Venus", Charlie Dee also represents our own remarkable evolution and astonishing beauty to reminds us that some things are worth saving, including us.

The opposing mountains, leaning towards each other, represent a monumental real life battle and portray the environmental and humanitarian devastation of rampant corporate greed, on one side, in opposition to the natural world and society on the other.

Anyone focused on the Botticelli styled nudity of Charlie Dee is distracted from the main issue and, is missing the point. It’s telling us something frightening. It's telling us, if we don't look at the bigger picture, we are going to be destroyed by our own lack of vision and, this artwork lifts the veil on that.


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This painstakingly created work of art is a vehicle to help save the future and, in the process, save our priceless art collections for future generations. Like Munch's “The Scream” I'm doing 100 oil pigment reproductions. The canvas is 75cm x 130cm and you can click the home page image to view detail. If you have a social conscience and concern about climate change, I would like your help to present this visually appealing and thought provoking work to the public.

The Storey of Our Time

There are many thought provoking ideas woven into this compelling visual narrative. Stories that you may like to unravel and, I'll give you a head start on the ARTICLES page. The animal spirits, and their meaning, are just a small part of this expansive performance and brush lightly over the surface of a much deeper and profound social massage. Download a free PDF file for meanings.

CHARLIE DEE - The meaning of the name Charlie stands for 'freedom'. In the urban dictionary the meaning is 'love' and, the Celtic translation for Dee is 'Goddess'. Not that Charlie Dee is Celtic, with blue, green, brown Asian eyes she is universal. Once again, Charlie Dee was inspired by Botticelli's modest 1486 version of "The Birth of Venus". The Alexandre Cabanel 1864 version was considered a bit risqué, although it does have the more aquatic feel. Much earlier, there is the Venus of Pompeii - AD79 to honour Roman mythology.


In each rendition, the goddess Venus emerges from the water after her birth when fully-grown. A mythological goddess whose functions encompassed love, beauty, desire, fertility, prosperity and victory. The appeal of Charlie Dee is sensory and accessible but, if pursued, also requires thoughtful interpretation. It appeals to our logic and reason plus our artistic side and, this time, the Goddess of Love is on a mission to save what she loves.


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