Worth Saving 

An artwork with the potential to change the world... Words aren’t working so, I’ve taken the Banksy approach. I’ve researched all the facts and put the background storey on global warming into one powerful piece of contemporary art. A visual narrative riddled with metaphor's and spirit meanings begging interpretation.

In the year 2020 the world was ravaged by catastrophic weather events followed by a global pandemic that stopped humanity in it’s tracks. The only way forward was to work together and fight against a silent and invisible killer. That required a change of mind set. To save us, our leaders needed to listening to the experts when it came to a medical emergency. For humanity to survive and prosper, into the future, our leaders must also listen to the experts when it comes to action on global warming and climate change.

The opposing mountains, leaning towards each other, represent a monumental real life battle and portray the environmental and humanitarian devastation of rampant corporate greed, on one side, in opposition to the natural world and society on the other.


Who Shot Charlie D


"Charlie D" could be Charles Dickens, political activist and literary genius or, Charles Darwin the scientist who introduced us to the theory of evolution. Inspired by Botticelli's "The Birth of Venus", Charlie Dee also represents our own remarkable evolution and astonishing beauty to reminds us that some things are worth saving, including us.


The meaning of the name Charlie stands for 'freedom'. In the urban dictionary the meaning is 'love' and, the Celtic translation for Dee is 'Goddess'. Not that Charlie Dee is Celtic, with brown skin and blue, green, brown Asian eyes she is universal. The story goes that the goddess Venus emerges from the water after her birth when fully-grown. A mythological goddess whose functions encompassed love, beauty, desire, fertility, prosperity and victory. Designed to get our attention, the appeal of Charlie Dee is sensory and accessible but, if pursued, also requires thoughtful interpretation and, this time, the Goddess of Love is on a mission to save what she loves.

Anyone focused on the Botticelli styled nudity of Charlie Dee is distracted from the main issue and, missing the point. It’s telling us something frightening. It's telling us, if we don't look at the bigger picture, the natural world and civilisation will be destroyed by our own lack of vision and foresight. Among other things, this artwork lifts the veil on that.

Some of the spirit meanings in "Who Shot Charlie D"

There are many thought provoking ideas and metaphors woven into this compelling visual narrative. The animal spirits, and their meaning, are just a small part of this expansive performance and brush lightly over the surface of a much deeper and profound social massage.


REEDS: In mythology the reed represents the human will and it takes a strong will not to be moved by worldly ambitions or sensuality but, to surrender personal interests to that of the universal greater good.


CRANE: Symbolizes using your voice uniquely to expose secrets and help others on their path.

HUMMINGBIRD: A symbol of beauty and grace are seen as healers and bringers of love, good luck and joy - Also, you have the flexibility and stamina to do far more than you think.

LILY PADS & LOTUS FLOWERS: In this rendition, represent the cycle of life and our own fleeting fragility and beauty, from our birth, through our prime, to our death. Though rooted in mud, we rise to blossom in sunlight above the water.

CRAYFISH - Determined attitude to achieve a goal that is annoying or off-putting to others. Symbolizes protection, regeneration and the power to transform. Along with the Platypus, a Charlie Dee protector and mascot.

PLATYPUS - Teaches us to swim through our emotions and be aware of our uniqueness. It dares us to be our-self and reassures us that no matter what others think, don’t be afraid to be who we really are.

CASSOWARY - Maintains a lush green forest and keeps it alive. Represents strength and a strong will to fight to protect what is most important with a mix of defence and offense.

DRAGONFLY - Change, transformation and being open to new experience. Something big is unfolding.

KANGAROO - Indicates gratitude and abundance and, speaks about family, power, balance, and strength. Some of the things needed to sustain a successful and happy life. In this case they also represent us.

WATERFALL - Washing away the past and rejuvenation.

RAINBOW - An inner awakening and hope for the future.

BLUE STONE: Charlie Dee is pointing to the blue stone representing royalty and power, to remind us that all previous great civilization went under and were destroyed from within by the greed of the ruling elite.

FIG LEAF: A sign of blessing and security but can also symbolize the wrath of nature when the fig tree is stripped bare and fruitless. More importantly, it's a biblical metaphor for how we should recognize the sign of the times when good is overshadowed by bad.

The essence of art, Charlie Dee represents our own remarkable evolution and astonishing beauty. Without her the background image is nothing. No one would ever look at it. Without humanity the endless beauty of nature is wasted because there is no one there to see it.

We are what we are


We are a species of primates with a brain that reaches to the stars. What we have in common is that we are all fucked up, every last one of us, and anyone who thinks they aren’t hasn’t lived long enough or is asleep.

The earth has been around for 4.5 billion years and it will be around for another 4.5 billion years. We are just a blip in time created by the earth so, do we own the earth or does the earth own us? A thousand generations have gone before and a thousand generations will come after you and me so how special are we as individuals.

We are a grain of sand on the beach no better than any other grain of sand that is washed up by the ever changing tide. Anyone who makes out they are better than someone else is telegraphing to the world that they are a self centred, self opinionated pathetic piece of shit so how can they possibly be better than anyone.

The money and possession we fight over are worthless to us when we are dead. The only thing of any real value, that we leave behind, is the next generation. One after the other, that is what will echo down through time. So we strengthen the children of those generation, we build them up and in doing that we invest in humanities future. Our legacy, our genetic fingerprint.

Not protecting that future defeats the object of being human or even being born at all.

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