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The NN Chapter...  60's and 70's


North Narrabeen layout

The Alley - The iconic Northy wave - "April 63. US aircraft carrier Enterprise, coming in from the Coral Sea, reports a cyclone swell headed for Sydney. I couldn't believe my eyes as I pulled into the carpark. Absolute perfect swell, wind conditions and every wave was perfect. In Nat Young's Book "The History of Surfing", he says it was the best day he had ever seen at Northy". That was 63, the year I started surfing, and there was a lot more to come.

Some of the old Northy crew: Huck - Mal - Robo - Gaz - TF

and SF front right.  (From 70's HB Tracks add)

NN Point - "My Wave" - The NN A-Team threw me a few crumbs and let me have it to myself - Take off... Little Avalon in reverse - Duck & run or eat weed. U call it.

Carpark Rights - The Animal Era at Northy had come of age and the club had an unpresedented depth of talent. The new atmosphere of aggression along with redical equipment changes, pushed surfing to new heights. Northy was at the top.

The sunrise west south-wester was blistering. If you missed a wave the spray would rip your face off. HB shaper Rodney Ball beat me to the water and it was his. He owned it. That's me in the middle with fire bin and the old R16TS up front.

We had just come in and I remember Hugh McCloud turning up and saying - "I'll just take a shot of this" - It was the last big set of the session. He was always on the spot with camera at the ready. Him and Bruce Channon - "The Dream Team"... .

R E V I V I N G   R O M A N T I C I S M

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