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R E C O N N E C T 


With the advent of Apple Vision Pro and A.I. try not to loose yourself in cyber space. Strike a balance - Life is full of wonderful fleeting moments that make it all worth while. If you go to any landscape and sit there and listen what do you hear? What song is the ocean playing? Is it different from the land or sky? How does it change throughout the day and throughout the seasons? These are questions people and societies were asking long before we turned in on ourselves and lost who we are.

We’ve stopped connecting to everything else, we’ve stopped being part of our living planet and we just speak to ourselves and we think it’s modern progress but it’s not - It’s a great breakage. The way to restart the conversation is by going quiet for a minute and take in the natural world. The world we are part of, a world humanity can’t survive without. Stop, look and listen - Reconnect and be amazed...

For a more urban and people experience: Take a walk through Avalon

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