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SteveFitz - (aka Oneboy) - From age 7 and the influence of seven impressionable years at La Perouse with the local Koori - I learnt how to run like the wind, make boomerangs, catch snakes, live off the land and dot paint. I also learnt humility and respect. The pulsing visual effect and the rules the viewer's eyes use to make sense of it, link the viewer to this art and its message. Ferns are one of our most loved and ancient plants and remind us of a timeless past....The dots are used to represent the fern spores and we can speculate on that. Plus the promise of life that it brings to echo down through the ages. Oil on Canvas with kiln dried stretcher bar & white boarder. Pre-order prior painting - 3 month delivery. Canvas Size: 91cm x 91cm Price: $1,250.00

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