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P L A N E T  A 2 0 2 5    T R U T H  S T O R Y

Some people call me an artist... I see myself more as an activist using art as a medium for social messaging. The compelling narrative woven into this intricate and beautiful work echoes across the planet and, in a single piece of salient art, captures the story of our time. PLANET A2025 by Stephen Fitzgerald aka Steve Fitz is an art/education piece painted oil on canvas to last hundreds of years, for the historic record, and will be donated to the first state or national art museum willing to accept the work into their collection. The 100cm x 150cm oil painting will be completed for entry in the 2025 Sulman Prize at the Art Gallery of NSW. 

Planet A2025 hr web.jpg

A modern day interpretation of "The Garden of Earthly Delights" by Hieronymus Bosch (1490 - 1510). The left side of the artwork, with the hidden green apple, represents innocence and the beauty of unspoiled nature in the Garden of Eden. The right side with the gilded golden snake slinking away, after wreaking havoc on God's creation, suggests Judgment. The main subject, the "Goddess of Love" together with "The Three Sisters" monoliths, represent humanity holding back the flood waters and can be viewed as our struggle to save paradise.

From mythology and inspired by Botticelli's "The Birth of Venus", the Goddess of Love emerges from the water after her birth when fully grown. A goddess representing virtuous humanity and the harmonious interaction with nature. Designed to get your attention, her appeal is sensory and accessible but, this time, the “Goddess of Love” is on a mission to save what she loves.


SYMBOLISM: As one example, the Burj Khalifa is the tallest building in the world and represents the fossil fuel industries domination of the planet. Big Ben, The Sydney Opera House and the Statue of Liberty are representative and can be viewed as progressive nations rising up out of the oil sands and leaning towards the natural world, as one interpretation. AUKUS as part of the US arsenal sailing towards the next big oil and gas war in the South China Sea is another.

The opposing mountains, leaning towards each other, represent a monumental real life battle and portray the environmental and humanitarian devastation of rampant corporate greed, on one side, in opposition to the natural world and society on the other. Riddled with metaphors begging interpretation, the dream and animal spirit meanings are just a small part of this expansive performance and brush lightly over the surface of a much deeper and profound social massage. The message being:-



To uncover the real reason for global conflict we need to delve into the realm of economics where natural resources (Fossil Fuel) and the pursuit of profit (Arms Manufacture) intertwines with geopolitical ambitions. The NATO Game is not just about spreading democracy or human rights. It’s about securing access to vital resources essential to maintaining economic dominance. Also, controlling strategic trade routes e.g. (TAPI Gas Pipeline Afghanistan) allows Western powers to dictate the flow of resources and exert influence over global markets.

The underlying reasons for every war is about control of oil and gas and adds impetus to whatever propaganda the war mongers hang their hat on. This includes the fight for the gas fields in east Ukraine, the Levant Basin gas fields in the Mediterranean, encompassing Gaza, and pending for the gas fields in the South China Sea (Google ‘Gas Fields’ in those locations). The reason for the horror is censored by mainstream media so the truth can only be communicated by word of mouth. 

Our global leaders, in cohort with powerful corporations, are laying waste to entire countries and murdering the innocent in the fight for control of oil and gas. What they choose to ignore is that as we continue burning fossil fuel we accelerate global heating and subsequent catastrophic weather events, ice melt and sea level rise. Looking at the global stage today, it appears we are not going to stop fighting for oil and gas any time soon so clearly there is no intention, by the powers that be, to stop burning it.

In the words of George Monbiot: "The world has been thrown into disorder by powerful and nefarious forces working against the interest of humanity with a total disregard for the destruction of our global life support system". There is only one solution; stop using fossil fuel and make it worthless. Collectively, only the broader population can change the status quo and that can only be achieved through awareness... 

VANISHING POINT: A hallmark of Renaissance image-making and Western perspective. Depth to the far horizon suggests a storyline or mythology going back into the distant past and, in this case, a story projecting well into the future. In this work, looking over the Goddess of Love's shoulder, a rising misty ocean sits at the composition’s vanishing point and, with clouds looming on the horizon, prompts us into deeper contemplation of man's far reaching impact on our world.

The work is a great discussion piece and there's something in it for everyone. Like Banksy, when words aren’t working, it becomes more than just a wonderful work of art, it's a compelling visual narrative that, at a glance, tells a story that could shift public opinion to help save the natural world along with humanity and that's my motivation.

As the Venus model, this major work is dedicated to my beautiful wife Anne' the love of my life, my soul mate, spiritual guide and inspiration. We met on the last day of winter, at Paradise Beach, and married on the first day of spring. Anne' encouraged and believed in me and her passing is a true romantic tragedy. She would like to remind us that we have an obligation to witness and save Gods creation and that, regardless of our beliefs, we all have an obligation to the natural world and to save the future for our children. This is the reason for my endeavor, to pass on her message and to add beauty into the space where she once lived.

Some of the dream & animal spirit meanings in this artwork


EAGLE: Messenger of the gods.


REEDS: In mythology the reed represents the human will and it takes a strong will not to be moved by worldly ambitions or sensuality but, to surrender personal interests to that of the universal greater good.

LILY PADS: Lily pads represent the cycle of life and our own fleeting fragility and beauty, from our birth, through our prime, to our death. Though rooted in mud, we can rise to blossom in sunlight above the water.  


LOTUS FLOWER: The lotus blossoms when the human heart opens itself to detachment from the material world, rising to enlightenment through purity of mind, body, actions and speech.

GHOST GUM: Symbol of the Australian bush and spirit and may also represents the “Tree of Knowledge (Australia)”. 


KANGAROO: Indicates gratitude and abundance and, speaks about family, balance, and strength. Some of the things needed to sustain a successful and happy life. In this case they also represent us.

KOALA: The masters of mindfulness -  Move slowly and choose wisely. The koala spirit teaches us the core lesson of life on earth. In this case the Koala is clinging to a sawn-off tree branch and is desperately appealing for help.

WOMBAT: An aboriginal totem passed down by family members of a clan as a spiritual symbol meaning that you need to be aware of returning to your family when your work is done.

CRANE: Symbolizes using your voice uniquely to expose secrets and help others on their path.

HUMMINGBIRD: A symbol of beauty and grace are seen as healers and bringers of love, good luck and joy - Also, you have the ability to do far more than you think.

BUTTERFLY: The butterfly brings lightness, happiness and colour to your life. A metamorphosis has begun and like the Monarch butterfly's three generation continental return journey to the same location, you are tuned in to the ancient wisdom of the ancestors.

LORIKEET: The symbolic character traits of the Lorikeet include communication skills, recognition of your soul mate, the love of communication and language, ability to see every view-point and, respect of other people’s opinions. In this case, the Lorikeet also represents people with those qualities being crucified. 

CASSOWARY: Maintains a lush green forest and keeps it alive. Represents strength and a strong will to fight to protect what is most important with a mix of defense and offense.

DRAGONFLY: Change, transformation and being open to new experience. Something big is unfolding.

CICADA: The embodiment of rebirth after living so long in the dark. Sends a loud clear message once awakened.

LADYBUG: This spirit meaning symbolizes happiness and a playful spirit and brings an instant sense of pure delight to reminds us that the small things in life are worth protecting and make it all worthwhile.


CRAYFISH: Determined attitude to achieve a goal that is annoying or off-putting to others. Symbolizes protection, regeneration and the power to transform. Along with the Platypus, the crayfish is a Goddess of Love protector and mascot.

PLATYPUS: Teaches us to swim through our emotions and be aware of our uniqueness. It dares us to be our-self and reassures us that no matter what others think, don’t be afraid to be who we really are.

FISH: The water element connection gives fish spirits the connotation of the subconscious, emotions, healing and purification with purposeful movement and mindful independence.

FROGS: This spirit symbolizes a transitional phases to remind us that change is a natural and positive part of life.

TADPOLES: Awareness of the simplicity of life and reminds us there are those who have not reached full maturity or understanding.

MOUNTAIN IN THE SNOW: Symbolizes our dreams, goals and aspirations sparking the enthusiasm to push us to active deeds and to achieve great goals.

THE THREE SISTERS: West of Sydney, this Blue Mountains icon represents Australians working together to hold back the impending floodwaters of climate change and global warming in an effort to save paradise.

WATERFALL: Washing away the past and rejuvenation.

RAINBOW: Represents an inner awakening and hope for the future. 

ROCKY GROUND: Walking over rocky ground symbolizes a difficult road ahead made more dangerous walking through water. 

GOLD NUGGET: Symbolizes our quest to perfect, illuminate and refine ourselves. On the other side, the gold nugget found in this river bed suggests we will dig up, dredge and destroy our beautiful environment looking for more driven by selfish greed.

BLUE STONE: The Goddess of Love is pointing to the blue stone representing royalty and power, to remind us that all previous great civilization went under and were destroyed by the greed of the ruling elite.

FIG LEAF: A sign of abundance, blessing and security and more importantly, it's a biblical metaphor for how we should recognize the sign of the times when good is overshadowed by evil and the fig tree is stripped bare and fruitless. That's when we need to work towards creating a better world.

PLASTIC BAG: The ocean & our waterway's are full of plastic so Venus emerges from the water wearing a plastic bag and that, for the sake of modesty, speaks for itself. Plastic bags are a byproduct of the fossil fuel industry and symbolize suffocation.

R E V I V I N G   R O M A N T I C I S M

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