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 N O W   F O R   S O M E T H I N G 

C O M P L E T E L Y   B E A U T I F U L

Great art begins with great themes and expressing them poetically. It seems that works of art also have infinitely more to say and communicate if there is an element of fine art realism and in particular Romanticism in style and subject, even when portraying fantasies and dreams. Fine art at its best has the power to grab our sensibilities and rivet us in the moment with an overwhelming sense of beauty and excitement. It’s this intrinsic link between beauty and fine art and beauties relationship to fine art that now influences my work.

My new 2024+ oil painting series is developed from timeless themes with a focus on warmth and beauty that whispers of the human condition. I produce a digital montage and use that as a template for brushwork reminiscent of the renaissance masters to create startling realism. Designed to complement your formal settings these works are available by commission or at upcoming exhibitions.



In essence, Romanticism is an open mindedness, an empathy for life and for others. It's emotion and passion for life experience expressed in the arts as a celebration of beauty, artistic creativity, intellect and the mysterious, with emphasis on imagination. It is a celebration of the beauty of nature and explores the human condition together with our inherent desire to be free. It's about being a caring human being with an understanding that there is an equal measure of good and bad in life, and embracing both, while remaining a romantic at heart.

R E V I V I N G   R O M A N T I C I S M

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