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S T I L L   L I F E   W I T H   B I R D S   &   T A L L   S H I P S

Now for something a bit more masculine. This is still life with a twist because it's not quite still. With attention to detail and symbolism "Still Life" is a genre of art that focuses on depicting inanimate objects. In this genre, artists create compositions that showcase the beauty, symbolism, and visual interest of everyday objects. (Also, the objects are not so everyday). I have taken a step further and incorporated compelling ocean backdrops, exotic birds, tall ships and hand carved collector boats as a centerpiece with compelling notan and a Caribbean flavour. It's a knockout for the boys room or the men's shed.

What you are viewing is a digital montage used as a template for an oil painting of startling realism in the style of the renaissance masters. That means you can commission a one off original oil on canvas in one of two sizes: (50cm x 75cm) or (60cm x 90cm) - Allow 3 or 4 months for completion and delivery of the work depending on the size. Price includes artist hand made black & gold frame and delivery with in Australia.


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