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R O C O C O   P U N K

G O I N G   T R I B A L

Rococo Punk could be interpreted as a playful and fanciful version of Rococo art, with a focus on lightness, elegance, and curvaceous lines. The theme of this series incorporates sophisticated punk with black and white striped doll like costumes in mystical woodland settings. If you are after something with startling fine art realism then this is it. These are rare individually named attention grabbing collector items and look great in any formal setting.

The oil painting of "Rococo Punk - NOVA" will be on display at the Doyle Art Awards from 27 June to 7th July 2024 - 1/4 Swan Lane, Mudgeeraba QLD 4213. "Rococo Punk - FAME" is my 2024 Archibald Prize entrant and represents every famous woman. "Rococo Punk - MOXIE" has just won Best in Show May 2024 at the Ten Moir Gallery Behind the Mask exhibition


What you are viewing is a digital montage at size (55cm x 80cm). That means the oil painting created with startling realism in the style of the renaissance masters will take about 3 months to complete and deliver. Price includes artist hand made black & gold frame and delivery with in Australia.


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R E V I V I N G   R O M A N T I C I S M

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