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M A T R I A R C H  O F  T H E   M O D E R N   M A N

Matriarch of the Modern Man by Stephen Fitzgerald aka Steve Fitz has been produced in the style of polychrome sculpture Influenced by Jean-Léon Gérôme, and is originally associated with Ancient Greece and Rome and describes pigmented decoration or gilding applied to a sculpture. The style was later revived in the neoclassical period of the 18th century and applies to contemporary works. The application with this theme provides a truly solid visual impact as rare as it is startling. This epic 3D fantasy artwork caries a powerful social message to usher in a new age and spearheads my current series focused on the power of modern day women.

“Matriarch of the Modern Man” was created in the style of the renaissance masters with startling realism to address the reality of pressing issues impacting women today. The scroll in the sun of “Matriarch” is from the Scottish Pictish tribe and is translatable. Pictish women fought naked alongside their men to stop the advance of the Roman Empire and represents the power of women in all ages. Navigating an ever-changing ocean the hand leading the way is postured like the hand in the Creation of Adam to suggest the first woman. The second woman, with eyes closed, informs us that she is an apparition, a dream or an alter-ego. The overall feeling projected is one of strength and confidence riding the wave into the future.

Matriarch of the Modern Man can be viewed in the July 2024 winter edition of Art Edit magazine and has been entered in the 17th International ARC Salon Competition. The 100cm x 150cm oil painting has also been entered in this year's Sulman Prize at the Art Gallery of NSW and the Ten Moir Gallery Blu-Sky Artist Awards - Aug 2024. 


What you are viewing is a digital montage used as a template to create an oil painting of startling realism in the style of the renaissance masters. That means you can commission a one off original oil on canvas in variable sizes from (60cm x 90cm) to (100cm x 150cm) - Allow 3 to 6 months for completion and delivery of the work depending on the size. Price includes artist hand made black & gold frame and delivery with in Australia. PLEASE NOTE: "Matriarch of the Modern Man" is my exhibition centerpiece and subsequently is not for sale.


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