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There's a touch of art school rebel coupled with a bold free-flowing rhythm woven into this raw and edgy brush-work. Another side to the art is revealed when you "zoom-in" to view the fine detail and blended colours used to build the narrative of each panel.

The way we look, the way we think, the way we view the world and the way we interpret information, is all different. This series encourage that individual interpretation so, what you see and what others may see can be vastly different. 

I've added a touch of abstract pixalisation to represent the modern era and tie the series together. A series influenced by the 1950’s iconic Australian art rebel himself, Ian Fairweather.

This work was undertaken during a dark period of reflection. I had just gone profoundly deaf. To keep me distracted, I also painted mirrored reflections of each panel. Symphony is the last in the series and was painted when my hearing was restored with a cochlear implant. Like a good song this work creeps up on you slowly and grows on you.

Price $490 per panel

Oil on canvas (50cm x 63cm)

Mounted with protective frame

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