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E N C O U N T E R S - R I G H T  O F   P A S S A G E


Experience enchanting encounters in soft pastel hues and ethereal natural settings with a timeless beauty to last generations and add an embracing stylish warmth to any room, work space or studio. The cornerstone of my latest collection is centered on the mystery and enigmatic beauty of women and delves into the realm of feminine secrets, transcending the ordinary and resonating with a deeper more profound essence beyond the comprehension of mere mortal men. 

Oil paintings of "Earning Your Wings 01" and "Secrets" size 55cm x 80cm will be on display at Art Lovers Australia Melbourne Gallery from 13 Sept to 25 Oct 2024 - 300 Wellington St. Collingwood, Victoria. Oil painting "Drama" size 55cm x 80cm will be on display at the Doyle Art Awards from 27 June to 7th July 2024 - 1/4 Swan Lane, Mudgeeraba QLD 4213.


What you are viewing is a digital montage used as a template to create an oil painting of startling realism in the style of the renaissance masters. That means you can commission a one off original oil on canvas in variable sizes from (55cm x 80cm) to (100cm x 150cm) - Allow 3 to 6 months for completion and delivery of the work depending on the size. Price includes artist hand made black & gold frame and delivery with in Australia.

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