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Exploring the Artist


Our journey through life is an exploration. If you are a creative individual, with an artistic flare, then becoming an artist is no different. You explore your creativity with different styles or art to find out who you are and what you love. You look for what you are most comfortable with. So finding art, it’s also a journey of discovery.


Photography sparked my creativity and I moved forward from there.


(1) Photography 

(2) Minimalist

(3) Ferns

(4) Landscape

(5) Abstract

(6) Goddess of Love

(7) New Wave


I’m still exploring and it’s still a learning curve. It's a journey with an equal measure of happiness and despair. Just like life...

Bird Cage - SteveFitz.jpg
Wild Horses 2015.jpg
Our Rising Oceans.jpg

Upcoming exhibitions in 2020

I'm a great believer in supporting the arts and, we can do that by viewing and participating in art exhibitions: - Covid-19 on hold - TBA

Exhibitions & Promotions

Stephen Fitzgerald aka SteveFitz - Retired self-taught award winning specialist darkroom technician and self-taught artist & oil painter: Exhibitions and promotion include:  2006 Village Living Gallery, 2007 Avalon Community Center, 2008 Archibald & Winn Prize, 2009 Village Living Gallery & editorial,  2010 Archibald & Winn Prize, 2011 Panoramic images x 10 commissioned by Manly Community Center,  2012 Chelsea Lane Gallery and editorial,  2013 Mission to Seafarers Art Awards, 2014 Padding ton Art Prize entry,  2015 Art in the Park exhibition,  2016 Picture Theater Arcade Art Gallery exhibition, 2016 Avalon Market Day sale. 2017 Manly Daily editorial and exhibition at Avalon Art Gallery in remembrance of our dear friend Edgar Britt donated to Avalon Community Library Sept 2018, Mixed Palette new series exhibition Avalon Recreation Center 17th - 19th November 2017, "Exhibition By The Pool" - Avalon tidal pool art display this summer 2017/18,  On display at TAP Gallery - "The 22nd Real Refuse" - 259 Riley Street, Surrey Hills, N.S.W 2010 Sydney, Australia. 22nd May - 3rd June 2018. 12 - 6pm. Bluethumb on-line art gallery from January 2019 - Featured Artist. Contemporary Art Gallery On-line 2019 all photography winner 1st place. "Who Shot Charlie Dee" distinguished work published in ArtAscent Vol 43 Sensuality - July 2020. "Party with Picasso" distinguished work published in ArtAscent Vol 44 Abstract - August 2020. Front cover Pittwater Life November 2020 edition.

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