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D R E A M I N G   O F   T H E   O R I E N T


These post-cubist surreal dreamscapes unfold in a visually poetic realm where ethereal and surreal elements coalesce. A kaleidoscope of dreamlike visuals where graceful figures seamlessly meld into intricate and detailed landscapes. While surrealist motifs contribute to the fantastical nature of the scene to create harmonious patterns that dance with the subconscious. In this multidimensional space reality blurs and the mind's eye paints a tapestry of enchanting and enigmatic beauty, inviting exploration beyond the boundaries of the waking world. I've tried to capture the fascination, the mystery and that feeling you get of intruding when you watch someone sleeping

Oil paintings of Dreaming of the Orient 01 and 02 (55cm x 80cm) will be on display at Art Lovers Australia Melbourne Gallery 12 July - 23 Aug 2024. 300 Wellington St. Collingwood, Victoria. 


What you are viewing is a digital montage used as a template to produce an oil painting of startling realism in the style of the renaissance masters. That means you can commission a one off original oil on canvas in variable sizes from (55cm x 80cm) to (100cm x 150cm) - Allow 3 to 6 months for completion and delivery of the work depending on the size. Price includes artist hand made black & gold frame and delivery with in Australia.

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