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Wake up call

Stephen Fitzgerald

3rd February 2021


Slap in the face No. 1

A slap in the face for Scott Morrison as Joe Biden's climate envoy cites Australia's black summer bushfires as reason for urgent climate action. While Western Australia burns, Mr Morrison arrogantly turns a blind eye to the suffering and continues to push fossil fuel and accelerate global warming. So who does he answer to?


Along with continuing coal in the energy mix, the prime minister announced that expanding the use of gas, a fossil fuel used in electricity generation, is central to plans to re-establish a strong economy. While US President Joe Biden plans to build a modern, sustainable infrastructure and an equitable clean energy future in his plans for economic recovery from the pandemic. 


Slap in the face No. 2

Another slap in the face to Scott Morrison comes as US President Joe Biden just tore up Trump's blank check to Saudi Arabia and blocks all pending weapons sales to Saudi Arabia and the UAE intended for use in the 6 year war and plunder of oil from Yemen. 


Approval of Australian military exports to Saudi Arabia and UAE condemned by human rights groups. The Australian federal government has approved at least 14 permits for the export of military goods to Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates over the last year and a half, despite their involvement in plundering war-torn Yemen. The conflict has created a humanitarian crisis including the Saudi starvation strategy leading to the death of 85,000 innocent children.

UK under pressure to freeze arms sales to Saudi Arabia and UAE. The US decision to freeze arms sales to Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates pending a review has led to renewed calls for the UK, Riyadh’s second largest arms supplier, to reassess its own policy or risk looking diplomatically isolated.

What we are seeing here is the new US administration under President Joe Biden tackling the war mongering fossil fuel industry head on. Take note Scott Morrison or Australia is also headed for diplomatic isolation.


Slap in the face No. 3 (Three strikes and you're out!)

Australian PM Scott Morrison has single-handedly managed to alienate China, our largest trading partner, costing billions of dollars in trade when we can least afford it. Because of Morrison's close affinity with Donald Trump, he is also in US President Joe Biden's cross-hairs.


Thanks entirely to you Scott, we are now in the bad books with the two most powerful nations on the planet. The only way to appease both China and America would be for Mr Morrison to step aside but, I doubt that his arrogance would allow him to do that so, the Australian people will continue to suffer under a right-wing, war mongering, fossil fuel driven, Morrison government.

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