Game of Thrones - (Oil wars & Ice melt)

By Stephen Fitzgerald 

There's a parallel that perhaps you can relate to: -  


Game of Thrones is an American fantasy drama and, in it’s simplest form, can be explained as seven noble families fighting for control of the mythical land of Westeros. There is also a power struggle between East and West. In their deadly battles for money, power and control they remain oblivious to a secondary distant threat, from the frozen north land, that has the potential to destroy their world.


Back to reality - Global superpowers are engaged in wars for control of our rapidly depleting reserves of oil and natural gas. The oil wars raged yesterday in Iraq, Iran, Kuwait and Afghanistan. Nations were destroyed and millions were killed or displaced. Today these same oil wars are raging in Yemen, Syria, Israel, Venezuela and now in Libya. Once again, for control of oil and natural gas, with a total disregard for the consequences to humanity.


Just like in Westeros, in the real world now, there is an impending threat capable of destroying the natural world and civilization as we know it. If we burn all the oil and natural gas, that the superpowers are fighting over, the scientific evidence suggests we could reach a ‘tipping point’ for global warming and enter an era of catastrophic sea level rise from ice melt and the thawing of our own frozen lands, Greenland and Antarctica.

In "GOT", the threat to the entire kingdom is from the Night King and the ice walkers growing army of the dead flooding down from the frozen north and, building walls has not stopped them. In the real world, the threat to humanity is global ice melt from the warming of our own frozen lands with impending sea level rise and, the army of the brain dead.


To avoid the threat, we need to remove the demand for fossil fuels. If we do that, we can stop the oil wars and avoid a human and environmental disasters. We need a rapid transition to renewable clean energy and we need a government prepared to look at the science and act on global warming.


What we can do hinges on our vote!

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