Signs of the Apocalypse
Stephen Fitzgerald

22nd July 2020

The Gods are Angry

It has always been part of the human condition to look at nature for signs, like extreme or prolonged weather events, and to some extent for humans to be superstitious or religious. In another time and place, signs of the apocalypse would suggest that the Gods are angry. There are plenty of references in religious text to support this line of thinking, including reference to events like the following combined natural and man made disasters happening right now:-


  1. Drought:  Extreme in Australia and globally from greenhouse gas driven heating

  2. Fish kill:  Darling, Greenough, Macleay rivers + ocean acidification & coral reef death

  3. Fire:  Worst ever bush-fires in Australia, California, Arctic Circle and across the planet

  4. Floods:  England, China, India, Japan, Indonesia, USA, Australia & impending sea-level rise

  5. Pestilence:  Locust plagues in Africa, India, China, South America and western N.S.W

  6. War:  Oil wars & refugees crisis in Yemen, Syria, Iraq, Palestine, Afghanistan, Venezuela

  7. Famine:  Africa, Middle East, North Korea, South America, India and global scarcity

  8. Plague:  Pandemic impacting the entire planet, every country and every person

Photo: Revelation chapter 6 - The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse

Don’t freak out, humanity was not destroyed by past catastrophes and that suggests we will survive what we are going through at the moment. While locked away during the pandemic, it’s probably a good time to reflect on saving the natural world and creating a better future.




Religion prompts us to contemplate things like the apocalypse so, let’s have a look at that… The above mentioned apocalyptic sequence of events has been exacerbated by global warming and catastrophic climate change impacting the natural world. The more fossil fuel we burn, the more greenhouse gasses in the atmosphere and the hotter the planet becomes. Like it or not, nature is sending us a procession of powerful signs we can no longer ignore.


Now, you would have to say that anyone promoting the destruction of the natural world is pushing for the apocalypse and that in turn is evil. If follows that anyone fighting to protect the planet and humanity is therefore good. It boils down to Good v evil or, God v the devil. Within the context of religion it’s the same thing... So, where does the church stand in the fight against evil or, in their words, the fight against their nemesis, the devil?


To start with, prior to the pandemic, the LNP Morrison government was in chronic climate change denial to protect the fossil fuel industry. That has progressed to blatant fraud with the government's energy policy written by fossil fuel companies, to promote fossil fuel companies, with taxpayers handing money to fossil fuel companies and comes at the expense not merely of taxpayers but of the generations to come who will suffer from our governments greed driven climate denialism. So basically, in terms of driving the world towards the apocalypse, that would be viewed as something rather evil. Keep that in mind…


You would be forgiven for thinking that Morrison’s $1.2 billion 'slush fund' for Catholic and independent schools and $4.5 billion church funding was to buy the religious vote. Why else would a political party, or their leader, align themselves with the church?  This suggests that the church is a political force prepared to sell their votes, and their soul, to the highest bidder and it’s got nothing to do with what’s good or what their God may want.


This brings us back to what the church is all about. What’s outlined above suggests it’s all about money, power and control over men, by men, with religion as the intangible product they sell. It follows that you are not going to find God in the church. If you are looking for good or God, look no further than what’s in your own heart.


Please don’t get me wrong… The religious doctrine is a good thing for society in that it teaches us to be good, charitable, nurturing, humble and empathetic. It’s very left-wing progressive so, why does the church back right-wing authoritarian conservatives? Hiding behind the veil of the church is a perfect cover to do evil and prompts questions about the validity of some religious institutions and about the integrity of those politicians who court the church for a vote. It’s the epitome of hypocrisy.

Another disturbing example of religion in politics: A secret plot to dump seven Victorian Liberal MP's based on skin colour, gender, ethnicity and religious beliefs has sparked a new branch-stacking crisis. An internal strategy document shows the Victorian Liberal Party’s religious right conspired to purge the state’s upper-house sitting MP's to favour themselves. 


In our current apocalyptic state, it’s not just politicians that need to be held to account. The church also needs to take some responsibility for blindly backing environment destroying politicians for a buck. If God is having any say at all about the destruction of his creation, and the evil in the hearts of men, then you can understand why he is not particularly happy.


Praying for good is one thing, voting for good is better.



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SteveFitz is an artist painting a vivid picture, a humanitarian and activist

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