Using Australia as a Pawn!
Stephen Fitzgerald

Updated 31st August 2020


The first thing to suffer is the truth


Australia being beaten with a big trade stick, by China, is not about requesting an investigation into the Wuhan corona-virus. That's a standard authoritarian diversionary tactic to avoid exposing the truth. We are being kicked for backing Donald Trump and, interfering with China controlling massive gas fields in the South China Sea. It's bigger than trade between Australia and China! It's about the energy engine that will power China into the future, ahead of renewable's, and they will fight to the death to protect that. China is sending a message to the world to stay out of their business and, I think for Australia, that may be prudent but, make up your own mind.

With the blessing of Scott Morrison, Australia is being used as a pawn by Big Oil, via Mr Trump, in both the Middle East and South China Sea at Australian taxpayers expense and, threatens Australian trade, our economy, our ongoing prosperity as a nation and our security! Negotiations on how to divide the spoils of war, from oil and gas, comes after a protracted conflict of death and destruction with no holds barred. With conflicts in Afghanistan and the Middle East as the horrendous examples.


Add it up: Trump attacks China - Morrison backs Trump - China attacks Australia? You don’t need to be a genius to work it out. Solution: Get rid of Trump and shut-up Morrison. Australia's military involvement is not about protecting shipping or territorial waters and, the first thing to suffer, in any conflict, is the truth. Once again, being dragged into the South China Sea conflict is about control of oil and natural gas on behalf of Trump representing the global superpower called "Big Oil". You can add to that the US/China/Venezuela oil stoush grinding away in the background to further inflame U.S./China relations.

As a sovereign nation, and with diplomacy, we do not need to alienate key trading partners while maintaining security alliances. This is bigger than Scott Morrison's ego and bigger than him wanting to play dangerous games with the big boys. As much as Scott Morrison is trying to dodge responsibility, the damage to Australia will land squarely on his head but, we the citizens, will be forced to wear the economic fallout.

What's at stake for Australia

Australia's reliance on China: Out of all the countries in the West, Australia is the most dependent on China. According to the latest available figures, Australia imports more goods and services from China than any other country, with China accounting for 18% of Aussie imports. It imports 595 categories of goods from China, including 167 that are vital for Australia's national infrastructure.

Australia's exports to China: China is an even more crucial export partner with the country representing nearly a third (32.7%) of Australia's exports. In total these exports are worth $89.2 billion and account for a sizable chunk of the nation's GDP. The country's top exports to China are iron ores and concentrates, followed by coal, natural gas, gold and beef.

China's tariffs on Aussie imports: Australia, like the US, has been embroiled in trade-related disagreements with China. After the Australian government called for a probe into the origins of COVID-19, China responded by slapping tariffs of 80% on Aussie barley exports, a decision that is set to cost Australia's economy as much as $500 million a year. Unlike many other Western countries, Australia has a large trade surplus with China, exporting far more to China than it imports, and this presents a huge challenge economically and politically.


Hit to Western economies: The West does stand to lose out in a major way if it distances itself too much from China, particularly the most dependent countries such as nearby Australia. Western companies would miss out on China's enormous and lucrative domestic market, which holds Western products in high esteem. Yet it is likely that the trading relationship between China and the West will never be the same again.

Trade and Sovereignty - The evidence

Morrison strikes at China after phone call from Trump and Australia can't hold high hopes for US trade supportAustralia-China trade stoush over corona-virus inquiry puts exports, and more, at risk and  Defiant Scott Morrison insists Australia did nothing wrong. No, that’s right, Australia did nothing wrong! Scott Morrison did everything wrong by sucking up to Donald Trump and posturing in the South China Sea. Also add: "Tourism loss may be just tip of iceberg in China-Australia row". To Australian barley and beef you can also add a hit to Australian wine.


So much then for Scott Morrison defending and protecting Australia’s national sovereignty: "Sovereignty being the full right and power of a governing body over itself, without any interference from outside sources or bodies". That includes China, the U.S. and Big Oil. 

On one hand Scott Morrison is vowing to defend Australian sovereignty and on the other hand he is bowing down to Mad King Donald Trump and threatening tens of billions of dollars in Australian trade when we can least afford it. In the words of Noam Chomsky: The presidency, the White House, is in the hands of a sociopathic megalomaniac who's interested in nothing but his own power, electoral prospects - doesn't care what happens to the country, the world.  I fear that also includes what may happen to Australia. America is not the problem, we love America. Donald Trump and his enablers are the problem.

The solution is to remove idiot politicians from office and remove the demand for fossil fuel as quickly as we can. By transitioning to renewable clean energy we can save humanity and the natural world and, in the process, save Australia from being used as a disposable pawn and crushed in the middle of these superpower oil and gas conflicts.

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