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The Beast Among Us
Stephen Fitzgerald

23rd October 2019

Updated 9th September 2020

Climate SOS

The real climate change driver is not Co2. Lets go directly to the root of the problem. The real drivers of global warming are the people staunchly promoting the burning of fossil fuel that release the wild beast called green house gases into our living environment. If not controlled, it’s a beast that has the potential to devour and destroy us. We can’t continue to let Co2 run rampant, we need to rein that in, along with the people who promote its release driving us towards a humanitarian and climate crisis.


“There was a veritable tidal wave of people who don’t care about climate change and who put personal interest above the body of scientific information I had contributed to.” Reading the article The distinct burden of being a climate scientist brings home the reality, and impact of global warming, and the urgency with which we must act.


Research reveals shocking detail on how Australia’s environmental scientists are being silenced with more than half of government environmental scientists say their work has been suppressed. This information blackout, termed “science suppression”, can hide environmentally damaging practices and policies from public scrutiny and, that deceit by omission, can influence how a person votes. The practice is detrimental to both nature and Australian democracy.


Let there be no doubt: blame for our failing environment laws lies squarely at the feet of government and the influence of their corporate backers. That's the government we collectively vote for and it’s a deceit we no longer have time for. "Functional democracies rely on an informed voting public. If the best scientific data and information isn't available then that's a real problem."


The United Nations high commissioner for human rights Michelle Bachelet makes it quite clear that we need to listen to activist groups like Extinction Rebellion if we are concerned about the long term interest and safety of our precious societies. At the same time, Bank of England Governor Mark Carney warns us that a global (Right-wing) political movement is building momentum to oppose climate action and is sowing the seeds of a financial crisis that has central banks scared! So, it’s not just the physical impact of global warming, it is also the financial impact that will challenge every one of us.


From an economic point of view, Columbia University economist Kent Daniel, plus Gernot Wagner associate professor at New York University’s Department of Environmental Studies and, Robert Litterman former head of quantitative investment strategies group at banking giant Goldman Sachs warns us: If we wait a year to implement an effective global carbon tax, the estimated cost of additional climate-change impacts will reach approximately $1 trillion globally. If we wait five years, that swells to $24 trillion. A 10-year delay is projected to cost the world $100 trillion in damage from extreme weather events and the ongoing impact of global warming. The cost to society equates to about $250 per tone on Co2 over 10 years.


In support of this assessment, from Business Insider comes the warning that restoring the climate with Geo-engineering could cost younger generations $530 trillion if nothing is done about global warming today. To save our planet, our economy, our grand-children and future generations, we need to stop feeding the gluttonous carbon industry. The climate troglodytes must be thrown out of office. We need laws with teeth to propel the clean energy transition. The Right side of politics lies about this issue while the Left side hides from it. We need a government more independent than our current two party Left/Right political structure, something bi-partisan and something much much greener.


From New York Times environmental reporter Justin Gillis: “Millions of young people have begun to understand the stakes, their fears given voice by that young lady from Sweden, with her moral intelligence and her capacity to wield the truth like a saber. We can sit back, all us smug citizens, and watch the floods, the cyclones, the heat waves, the bush fires, the droughts and our insurance premiums with a rising sense of foreboding and doom. Or we can be as brave as an innocent young girl and decide that now is the time to stand and fight!”


Our democracy has been hijacked by a handful of powerful corporations and industrialists who serve themselves with the support of a de-facto right wing state media. On a global scale, unpicking what drives world leaders, politicians and presidents comes back to control of oil and natural gas reserves and maintaining the dominance of coal in the energy mix. 


The big players on the planet are China, Russia, the USA and Big Oil. The oil wars raging right now in Yemen, Israel/Palestine, Syria, Afghanistan, Libya and Venezuela are about driving competing global super powers to the negotiating table, on behalf of huge and powerful corporations, to divvy up the spoils of war. So, it’s profit driven. Money, power and control at any cost to humanity with our politician as the impervious front men and tax payers financing the murderous conflicts, at the expense of their own societies, on behalf of those same giant corporations and industrialists.

These people don’t care about the oil war driven murder of innocent women and children, the destruction of entire societies and the ensuing humanitarian and refugee crisis happening right now in our time. They certainly don’t care about the future, our future. It will never enter their heads.


For the first time ever, we are in a position to win back democracy from corrupted corporate agenda governments. We need to install a government who listen to the science, have a sense of humanity and, a view to the future of our society. We have a choice and the choice is this: "Perpetual war and keep burning all the fossil fuel we are fighting over, to darken our world, or transition to renewable clean energy and save us". Save us from the catastrophic impact of man made global heating and the oppression of a corrupted authoritarian governments pushing fossil fuel down our throat to serve their own selfish agenda.


With fossil fuel, we rape pillage and plunder one area destroying the environment, the climate and biospheres and then move on, like a plague, to plunder the next area. With renewable clean energy we set up our wind turbines and solar panels once to extract the same amount of energy from that area with no need to move on. The energy is perpetual.


The United Nations, thousands of climate scientists and millions of climate activists are up against the might of global super-powers driving the fossil fuel industry but, they can still be beaten. They have a weakness and, it’s called democracy. Our most urgent imperative now is to turn our fear of climate change and our frustration at self serving politicians, into votes.


So, what's the fate of the world going to be: Twilight for civilisation or, a new “clean energy era”, and a new dawn.



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