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Big Oil v The Planet

Researched by Stephen Fitzgerald

(Updated 18th November 2020)


Fossil fuel, war and climate change denial - The evidence!


There are thousands of climate scientists working hard to inform us of the facts and, millions of climate activists donating their time freely to get our attention. I take a different approach, I go to the very root of the problem... Inaction on climate change exposes a flaw in our political system, a system set up by industrialists to serve industrialists. Conservative governments, by their nature, are the political arm of big business and, the biggest business on the planet is the fossil fuel industry.


To win a battle, you need to know what you are up against and, right-wing politicians are just the impervious front men of the real drivers of climate change inaction and opposition to renewable clean energy.

Just briefly, to make it clear what's stopping action on climate change we need to digest the global "Oil Wars" scenario and, then we start to get a grip on the motivation of the forces driving conservative political leaders like Trump, Johnson, Morrison and Maduro. Clearly, it's about vested interest, money, power and control. As an example, in the U.S. battle to wrestle control of Venezuela's massive oil reserves from China, the gloves are off. With Trumps backers pushing global impact trade tariffs, country destroying sanctions, military intervention and the threat of all out war in their endeavor for control of the worlds largest oil and gas supplies.

As another example currently in the news:  An intensifying dispute in the Eastern Mediterranean over oil and gas exploration rights at sea has seen tensions flare between Turkey and Greece, with one regional expert describing the situation as the “most dangerous” in years.


If we burn all that oil and gas we are fighting over, the consequences for the global climate, ongoing sea level rise, the natural world and humanity will be catastrophic. There needs to be an intervention of monumental proportion and, for concerned global citizens, that hinges on climate awareness and applying political pressure. If we don't take action we can look forward to another 50 years of conflict and war, until oil runs out, and we can add to that the devastation of irreversible climate change.



Oil Wars.jpg

For the sake of humanity and the natural world, someone needs to say it... "Big Oil v the planet is the fight of our lives". 

In relation to the ABC Insiders program Sunday 11th August 2019 hosted by Patricia Karvelas with panellists Sarah Martin, Phil Coorey and Mark Riley: There really needs to be an Insider look at what drives ‘corporate agenda’ Trump and current global conflict, to understand what the civilized world is up against. This exposes an agenda that doesn’t become apparent until you piece together the evidence.
The marriage between governments and the power brokers controlling fossil fuel and war explains climate inaction and escalating global conflict. Fighting over depleting oil and natural gas reserves is not about energy security, we can get that with a responsible transition to renewables. It’s driven by entrenched corporate greed and, that drives our current stable of politicians. 
Understanding how the world works explains most of the posturing and conflict we see today and, why Australia is being threatened, on two fronts, by global super powers. By the U.S. as a security partner and, by China our largest trading partner. As U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompao puts the hard word on Australia along with his quote: “You can sell your soul for a hand full of soy beans or you can protect your people” and, Liberal MP Andrew Hastie is condemned for his Nazi reference to China. While the LNP government flounders.

For Trump's armada targeting Iran, Pompao pressures Australia to join United States and U.K. military efforts to protect shipping in the Strait of Hormuz. The immediate response is, the White House should not be dictating Australian foreign policy as Iran slams Australia's military intervention. What Australia is actually doing is backing Saudi Arabia in a united front against Iran. Keep in mind that attacking Iran will also be an attack on Russia in the countdown to Russia and China arming Iran and sharing defence technology. Think about who drives Trump to work out what drives this escalation as Trump declares his supporters Boris Johnson the "great one" and Scott Morrison "fantastic PM"



The headlines are shocking beyond belief: There are four warring factions, in Yemen, fighting over 2.7 billion barrels of oil representing 90% of the countries wealth. 65% of the oil in Yemen is being stolen by U.S. client state Saudi Arabia and the French oil company Total. France being the worlds third largest arms dealer after the U.S.A. and Russia.


For the war machine, arms manufacturers and arms dealers to prosper, you need something to fight over. In the Middle East it’s oil and natural gas. With the Saudi Arabia starvation strategy, they don’t care about the 85,000 children who have starved to death already in Yemen. It’s all about money, power and control at any cost to humanity.

Iran backed Houthi claim responsibility for Saudi Arabia oil facility attacks and, oil tanker drone strikes followed by torpedo attacks in the Gulf of Oman. Saying they were a response to Saudi “aggression” and “genocide” in Yemen. Trump officials promote Iran-Al Qaeda myth, issue Grace 1 oil tanker warrant and, impose more sanctions on Yemen's ally, Iran, as the U.S. Senate fails to override Trumps veto of the Saudi arms sales bill. From the side-line, China warns don't open 'Pandora's Box' in the Middle East.

NEWS FLASH: Trump is being impeached because he keeps doing what Russia wants. Actually, it’s a game of lies and deceit and, he keeps doing what “Big Oil” wants. By betraying the Kurds, Trump has handed Syria, and their oil reserves to Russia. So what’s the pay off? That would be “back off” helping Iran in their support of Yemen so U.S. client state Saudi Arabia and the UAE can continue to plunder Yemen's oil without interference. "You give us Yemen and we will give you Syria" - It’s the real world and the beneficiaries are, you guessed it, Big Oil.


Conservative right-wing governments are all involved in the same "dirty wars", power play, with Australia, France, the UK and the United States selling arms to Saudi Arabia and, Australia selling arms to the UAE. After the cover-up and resulting public outcry, one may ask, who drives the oil wars and why? The “why” is easy, it’s about profit from fossil fuel and profit to arms manufacturers. The “who” is a bit harder since we only see the political front men. Not surprisingly, this is the same government consortium clamping down on freedom of press.


Unless you are a staunch supporter of the right, you must get the same feeling I get. Our leaders don't govern for the people, the economy or the environment. They govern for something else. As an example, the yellow vest riots in France, the UK environmental failure, UK involvement in the oil wars and, Australia's economic and renewables failure. In each case, these governments sell arms in oil wars, promote fossil fuel and undermine renewable energy on behalf of the globally entrenched and politically influential fossil fuel industry.


This explains right-wing government inaction on climate change... No, no-one is game to say it... Our leaders are completely insane but, not so stupid as to realise that the "politics of fear" and false narrative keep them in power. Power and money to themselves and a green light for those they represent. Their vow of office to protect society above all else is quickly forgotten. They work for the fossil fuel industry and not their fellow countrymen.

The East, and the West, play the same murderous game for control of depleting oil and natural gas reserves. To prevent all out war we need a balance of power and we also need to be prepared for war but, that’s not the message here, that just feeds the war machine and stakeholders. The message here, is to telegraph the drivers of climate change denial and, once again, to understand what the civilised world is up against.


There are 1.5 billion barrels of oil and 200 billion cubic meters of natural gas being tapped by Israel. A large proportion of Israel’s fossil fuel wealth lies beneath land under Palestinian control as Golan Heights oil discoveries come into play and British arms exports to Israel reach record levels.


Then we have the devastating war in Syria to control 2.5 billion barrels of oil with 500,000 civilians killed, 5.7 million refugees, the U.S. selling weapons and, Russia now the dominant player and controller. The war in Afghanistan to control 1 billion barrels of oil and 52 trillion cubic feet of natural gas, the real reason for the Afghan war and, the second Libyan civil war for control of territory and 46 billion barrels of oil with a street value of $2.5 trillion and, once again, with Russian involvement.

From Geopolitical Trends comes the Middle East Game of Throne. This is a play by the global super powers, Russia, U.S.A. and China for control of oil and natural gas reserves and gives some insight into the "Oil Wars" raging right now. This is also stark reality and, once again, explains the underlying reason for climate change denial in fossil fuel conglomerates, war economies and the governments who pander to them.


Here is the clincher. The ongoing conflict in Venezuela forcing 4 million citizens to flee the country escalates the South American refugee crisis as the U.S. imposes more sanctions. With 297 billion barrels of oil, Venezuela has the largest oil reserves in the world and the East West fight, including a purported US coup attempt, is on for control. Trumps response to the refugee crisis; "promote hatred" resulting in hate fueled mass murder and, "build a wall".


Just like Yemen, the same applies in Venezuela with Russia/Cuba and China backing the military dictatorship of Nicolás Maduro for control of the country's massive oil reserves. The U.S. and the West are backing Juan Guaidó for control, as the U.S. sanction driven economic crisis escalates to destabilise the country and turn the population against Maduro. Maduro intended to step down but China and Russia need to protect investments and, I suspect, Russia wanted to use his military regime as an oil bargaining chip. With Trump proposing a naval blockade against Venezuela, in the world of fighting for control of oil and natural gas and, here's the shock, it’s business as usual.


Our dependence on increasingly scarce resources (especially fossil fuel) spurs the national and imperial rivalries that intensify militarism. (See International security expert Michael T. Klare’s excellent “Resource Wars.” The new landscape of global conflict.) And note: within the global power structure, much of the world’s limited resources are devoured maintaining the war machine(s). War itself is a major engine of ecological mayhem. From an article in Truthout by Ed Kinane.


If we transition to renewable energy that takes away demand for fossil fuels and, diffuses the oil wars. It also takes away the massive profits from both. Keeping that in mind, and against all the scientific evidence, once again, who are those most likely to be in climate change denial? Who are those opposing a responsible transition to renewables energy? Think about it, if we band together and do something about this, besides diffusing the oil wars and saving the planet, we have also removed our smug, self serving, arse-hole politicians. So it's a three way win.


Anyone associated with fossil fuels and/or the fight for control of fossil fuels will naturally be in climate change denial and false narrative. There’s trillions of dollars to be made and these people don’t care about the outcome or who gets hurt. They don’t care about the death and destruction of societies, the murder of the innocent and the refugee crisis happening right now in real time.

They most certainly don’t care about what may happen in the future, our future. It will never enter their heads. They don’t care about impending catastrophic climate change and they don’t care about the possible collapse of civilisation as predicted by Sir David Attenborough at the UN climate summit. They don't care that there is no doubt left that humans are causing global warming.


Those in climate change denial only care about massive profits and screw the planet, screw the rest of us and screw civilisation. As Trump rolls back environmental protection it becomes obvious that we, and our precious natural world, are just collateral damage. Appealing to them will not stop them. We need a different approach. We need to take away the demand for fossil fuels and, the only way we are going to do that is by installing a pro climate action government! 

The carbon clock is ticking with average global temperatures set to rise by 2°C within 18 years. At 1°C today, we are already seeing melting of the polar ice caps, sea level rise, catastrophic and extreme weather events, drought like no other, coral reef destruction and mass extinction. The world heating up by even 1.5°C would have a brutal impact on future generation. Experts warn us, we have only until 2030 to stem catastrophic climate change. In the worst case scenario, if we continue to fight over and burn all the fossil fuel on the planet, we won’t have a planet capable of supporting life as we know it.


The immediate response is: “How do we stand up to that, oh dear, we are doomed!”. We are not doomed. We have had the wool pulled over our eyes by the pro fossil fuel and war economy factions. What has changed is that we are galloping towards catastrophic climate change if we continue to burn fossil fuels. Alarm bells are ringing and, we are starting to wake up. 

Fossil fuel and war, and society being plundered by big business, is not what the majority of western citizens want. Our politicians have been corrupted and our democracy has been hijacked by a hand-full of powerful corporates and industrialists. If we let this continue, it's at our peril. Any politician who condones the destruction of the biosphere and the ensuing collapse of civilisation, for short term profit, is unhinged and not fit for office! Don't mention Morrison's mate Trump.


There are 50 years supply of oil left on the planet. We can escalate the wars, burn all the oil, darken our world and, then what? Then we are forced to transition to renewable energy whether we like it or not but, in terms of climate action, it will be far too late. The battle to stabilise the climate, save the natural world and avoid devastating sea-level rise, will be lost. The other choice is a responsible transition to renewable energy starting now. 


If we do nothing, and let government drag us down the path they are on, profit driven big business will dictate our future. Mindless greed will prevail and, from what we are seeing right now, we know where that's headed. There's "no jobs on a dead planet"


Our first step is to take action at home and, that would be installing a government that embraces a rapid phase-out of fossil fuel and a rapid transition to renewable energy. Alternatively, until the next election, we need to pressure incumbent governments that embrace the oil economy war machine, like the LNP and, are not 100% committed to clean energy. Also like the LNP who have involved Australia in attempts to 'erase the science' at UN climate talks.

President-Elect Donald Trump‘s cabinet and top nominees draw more deeply from an extremist faction of the corporate class than any in memory, and likely in history. We are witnessing the wholesale corporate takeover of the American government. The same game is being played out in Australia also, with a predatory corporate agenda government.


Western Democracy - A system manipulated and corrupted to serve powerful corporations and industrialists. A system that needs the reinstatement of democratic principals, to serve all of society, if we wish to avoid perpetual war and the full catastrophic impact of man made global heating.


After piecing together the evidence, you may come to the same conclusion I have: The U.S. / Iran tensions are about oil being plundered by Saudi Arabia and the UAE, in Yemen, on behalf of U.S. interests. The U.S. are threatening Iran to curtail Iranian/Russian interference in the Yemen conflict. A proposed U.S. led coalition war with Iran will also be a proxy war with Russia.

Tearing up the U.S. / Russia nuclear pact opens the door for new U.S. weapons development, prompts a new arms race, to feed the war machine and, threatens Russia in relation to control of oil in Syria, Libya and Yemen and, once again, doubles down on threatening Russia in relation to involvement in the U.S. / Iran and U.S. / Venezuela oil conflicts.

The U.S. / China trade tensions are three fold. As the U.S. asks Australia to commit against China, our largest trading partner and, China warns Australia against hosting U.S. missiles after the U.S. exits the INF treaty. For the U.S. it’s erratic protectionism destabilizing global economics, it's more specifically about threatening China over control of oil on America's doorstep in Venezuela and, in particular, it's about rebuilding the U.S. steel industry to telegraph preparation for war.


"So really, it's about strong-arm posturing on behalf of the U.S. oil industry wanting control of more oil and, arms manufacturers wanting to escalate an arms race and/or proxy wars for profit, in the fight for control of said oil. Once again, it boils down to money, power and control at any cost to humanity and once again, it's driven by powerful corporations and industrialists who serve themselves with Mr Trump at the helm".


As a counter move, China and Russia close ranks in a united front against American pressure following Xi Jinping’s meeting with Vladimir Putin. From what’s outlined in this article it’s about control of oil and the subsequent U.S. posturing by Trump. There is at least some fear that Trump has lost the plot as the Trump impeachment probe intensifies.

Trump threatening to wipe Afghanistan off the face of the earth is also about control of oil and natural gas. They veil this by promoting a fear of terrorism to justify invasion, a military presence and, installing a government mindful of U.S. stakeholders. As more innocent civilians are killed and, the Taliban continue with extreme violence in the fight for autonomy and concessions.

So, the oil wars escalate when we could so easily transition to renewables but, the super powers refuse to do that. Big Oil, arms manufacturers and the governments who pander to them refuse to let us do that. They openly oppose a responsible transition to clean energy. The oil and war economy culture is entrenched, it’s insidious and it has the potential to destroy the planet and humanity along with it.

Wherever untapped precious natural resources can still be extracted from the sea and ground is where opposing military forces from each side are lining up. It's driving global militarization in readiness for war. As the western alliance falters, Russia and China are moving closer together. A proposed U.S. led coalition war with the East, a war lubricated by oil, natural gas, arms manufacture and tax payers money presents an unthinkable possibility. It's a war we may not win!

We need to "go it alone" with clean energy and/or try to install a bipartisan government that is not hell bent on promoting all out war, over fossil fuel, and is not hell bent on pushing us towards the ensuing climate catastrophe. If we continue down this path, the future for humanity will be death and destruction on two fronts. In terms of action on global heating, every day, we seem to be fighting against our own government and, there is something fundamentally wrong with that. Something that needs to be seriously questioned! And, the big question is: "Who does our government represent"?

In the words of High Court judge Kenneth Haynes. Trust in institutions has been 'destroyed' in a scathing attack on modern Australian politics and, political decision making processes. They are not only "opaque" but also, too often seen as "skewed, if not captured, by the interests of those large and powerful enough to lobby governments behind closed doors".

It’s our children’s future, it’s our grand-children’s future, it’s the future of the planet and all life is on the line. It’s a fight worth fighting. Infinite clean energy from the sun, wind and hydro or fossil fuels and war. It’s a pretty simple choice and one that needs to ripple through the community and across the entire planet as America's great climate exodus starts in the Florida Keys.

Fighting over oil and natural gas is not about energy, we can get that from renewables. It's about greed and, that has the potential to destroy us. Governments in climate change denial hinder the transition to renewables and, it's a deceit that we no longer have time for. Scientists suggest we are the last generation capable of standing up for the rights of humanity and the protection of the natural world. With the full support of the UN we have a huge responsibility to fight for and, protect that future.


As Australians, we must ask ourselves, do we really need to be tangled up in this war mongering and planet destroying madness being dictated by Big Oil? If not, we can't stop the ravages of corporate greed or the self serving of big business but, we can certainly use the ballot box to chop off their political arm.

Overwhelmed by climate change? Here's what we can do



In the conservative belt it’s really easy to say I’m doing O.K Jack, society is working rather well for my family and myself. Why change what’s working, for us? That’s why it’s called being conservative. It’s O.K. right now but, what about the future for our grand-children and beyond. What about looking further than our own back yard. What about looking at the bigger picture and the overwhelming evidence of where we are headed on our current path. What about the common sense and forward-thinking vision one would expect from educated and dynamic people? What about a shift in thinking and a more bipartisan approach to safeguarding the future?

The uncertainty of climate change is an argument for – not against – decarbonising the economy as quickly as possible. Global warming risk management is about determining the optimal response to the full distribution of possible outcomes. Even if you think climate change is an overblown concern – we should hedge our bets and aim for a carbon free future. Says Jerry Taylor, president and co-founder of the Niskanen Centre, a public policy think tank in Washington, D.C. In the article: What Changed My Mind About Climate Change?

Conservative versus progressive and fossil fuel wars versus renewable energy are the overriding issues of our time. We can save humanity and the natural world if we put aside our political differences, use our heads, meet in the middle, and get moving on this.


We are all on this spaceship called planet Earth together. We need to take away what the super-powers are fighting over, by transitioning to renewable energy or, their self serving greed will destroy us and the natural world we so desperately depend on.


If there is any meaning to life at all then, it's not about “them” or “us”. It's about what we pass on to our children that should override everything else. We need to strengthen our children, acknowledge their achievements, reward their good behaviour, build them up and, most importantly, give them a future.​


Climate change is not the only threat facing our children. Hand in hand with climate change denial we are also seeing signs of fascism hijacking democracy, in all the countries mentioned. Along with rampant nationalism, the oligarchic control of wealth, politics, media and public discourse explains the comprehensive institutional failure now pushing us towards climate disaster. As all time temperature records tumble and the Amazon burns.

In the words of Damien Cave, The New York Times bureau chief in Sydney - May 19th 2019: "Climate change may be the first battle in the long war that is reshaping democracy all over the world".

"Clearly, we are running out of time and, we really need to question the motives of any politician who has lost their humanity, put themselves and who they represent ahead of society, and stapled their tongues to the backside of the fossil fuel industry!" 


Our democracy has been hijacked by a handful of powerful corporations and industrialists who serve themselves with the support of a de-facto right wing state media. Who are the biggest and most powerful corporations on the planet? That would be the fossil fuel industry and the associated war industry. Unpick what drives our politician and it all comes back to control of oil and natural gas reserves and maintaining the dominance of coal in the energy mix.

The big players on the planet are China, Russia, the USA and Big Oil. The oil wars raging right now in Yemen, Israel/Palestine, Syria, Afghanistan, Libya and Venezuela are about driving competing global super powers to the negotiating table, on behalf of huge and powerful corporations, to divvy up the spoils of war. So, it’s profit driven. Money, power and control at any cost to humanity with our politician as the impervious front men and tax payers financing the murderous conflicts on behalf of those same giant corporations.

For the first time ever, we are in a position to win back democracy from corrupted corporate agenda governments. We need to install a bi-partisan government with a sense of humanity and a view to the future. We have a choice and the choice is this: "Perpetual war and keep burning all the fossil fuel we are fighting over, to darken our world, or transition to renewable clean energy and save us". Save us from the catastrophic impact of man made global heating and the oppression of a corrupted authoritarian government pushing fossil fuel down our throat for vested interests.




Money Is the Oxygen on Which the Fire of Global Warming Burns - Bill McKibben

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