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World Class Opal


20 million year in the making - World class opal from the cradle of Mankind - North West Rift Valley Ethiopia - Home of one of our ancient human ancestors - "Lucy" - Who walked the same ground.


From the traditional land owners - Raw opal stone is collected from the Welo Tribesman - Then cut and polished to produce the most beautiful of precious gems. Solid Opal

Each exquisite piece is uniquely original -  Designed and hand crafted to bring out the best in each stone.


No two opals are the same and selection is all about your personality. Each opal is presented with 18ct gold plated bails and 45cm chains in small, medium and large sizes


Opals are formed from rain water seeping through sand or sandstone picking up silica. This hits an impervious layer and over millennia forms opal. Each opal has it's own distinctive rainbow of colour.


Opals are a karmic stone - And, the good you give out will return.


$35.00 each



Small: 6X8mm = $45.00

Medium: 8x10mm = $75.00

Large: 10x12mm = $95.00


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