The story of our time

"Who Shot Charlie D"

Words aren't working so I've taken the Banksy approach. I’ve researched all the facts and put the background storey on global warming into one powerful piece of contemporary art. 


It’s the story of our time and reminds us that some things are worth saving, including us.

Go to the "Charlie D" page for the storey. Work out what it all means to you, start a conversation, and help save the world.

Click on the image (takes a minute) to view detail or download a free PDF file. You can buy a high resolution archival canvas or photo posters from $20.00 + $10.00 delivery. Proceeds help in the fight against climate change.


'Cause for great concern': Australia ranked last in global assessment on climate action

NSW bushfires: 720 homes lost so far, fire risk remains high

Politicians break ranks and declare: "There is no doubt that the devastating bushfires are a result of climate change".

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