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Big Oil Show Their Hand
Stephen Fitzgerald

1st July 2020

Updated 3rd December 2020

Oil Profits over Human Life

All the major conflicts around the world, right now, are about control of oil and natural gas. The death and destruction in the Middle East and all those refugees are about oil and, that extends to the US/China conflict in Venezuela for control of the worlds largest oil reserves. As far as Big Oil are concerned, profit comes way ahead of human life or the environment.


The pandemic shut down global and domestic travel and the demand for oil plummeted. Over supply and oil storage became the big problem. Prices bottomed and, without storage, oil production would need to be shut down, some wells permanently.

Trump & Military.jpg

Trump and his backers pushed for America to re-open from the pandemic too early and start consuming oil again. Since then, Corvid-19 cases have spiked, e.g. the lone star Republican state of Texas. Governors have needed to reimposed earlier restrictions. As of December 2020 a quarter of a million Americans have died needlessly and the oil companies driving Trump have shown their hand…


They don’t mind killing innocent people in other countries and they don’t mind killing their own countrymen on home soil, to protect profit, and that speaks for itself. Big Oil only care about themselves and their largest stake holders and screw us, screw humanity and screw the planet.

We have 50 years supply of oil left on the planet and a bit more than that in natural gas. If we burn it all, with global warming, the planet burns and us along with it. There’s a pretty strong argument to transition away from fossil fuel sooner rather than later. We just need a bit of enlightenment and the political will.

Link to the Evidence:

Nowhere to store oil - Tankers are all full

Trump in a rush - Drives country back to work

Law and order Trump - Brings out the military  (To impose the will of "Big Oil")

While we are on the topic of Donald Trump and as a chilling afterthought. It's only his like minded vested interest elitists and the dumbest people in America who support him because they are the easiest to brain-wash, manipulate and they believe whatever they are told or, whatever tweet pops into Donald Trumps head. As an extreme example: Pol Pot and his Khmer Rouge government killed every thinking person in Cambodia, anyone with an education, murdering 2 million of his own countrymen to consolidate his grip on power. 


Dumbing down the population is a political strategy to build a support base so, be wary of a government who goes there in any way or form. That would be an attack on academia, public education or pricing out university degrees. The same people also hypocritically use religion to expand their support base as Trump tried to do by waving around a bible.

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