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The China Crisis!

And the fate of a nation

By Stephen Fitzgerald

Updated 20th May 2021

As a lead-in to this article its probably worth taking a look at the 'State of the Union' and the big players in the US dictating foreign policy that impact Australia.

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By International Affairs Analyst Stan Grant

10th January 2021

Prompted by Trump pedalling conspiracies of election fraud an angry mobs stormed the Capitol building and reflects a broken country with politicians, corporates and media complicit in delivering the US to this moment.

I think we need to look into Trumps backers and ask who is behind this attempted authoritarian power grab, and why?

Former Republican president George W Bush says it is a "sickening and heartbreaking" attack on democracy. America, he says, resembles a "banana republic". But, this is from a man who pushed the idea of Saddam Hussein possessing weapons of mass destruction and instigating 9/11 as a pretext for the invasion of Iraq. The lies put into George Bush's head, by his "Big Oil" backers and war mongering shadow cabinet, led to more than 100,000 Iraqi deaths, upturned the Middle East, setting off unending conflict for control of oil, and cost US taxpayers $2 trillion. Globally, the real cost of the Middle East wars is $10 trillion.

The beneficiaries of course are Big Oil, arms manufacturers and their stake-holders. The same Republicans backing Trump's presidency to remove environmental protections and promote fossil fuel, conflict and war! The same people preventing the transition to renewable clean energy where fossil fuel and the fight for its control would become obsolete!


By Laura Tingle - ABC
16th January 2021

For Australia, a secret document raises crucial questions about US foreign policy. As evidence of US intention and after an extremely unusual declassification, we now see revealed, in plain terms, the US 'alliance-driven' (US, Japan, India and Australia) Indo-Pacific foreign policy highlighting: (1) denying China sustained air and sea dominance inside the 'first island chain' in a conflict; (2) defending the first island chain nations, including Taiwan; and (3) dominating all domains outside the first island chain. As former defence minister Christopher Pyne warns of potential war with China.

Once again, this escalating conflict between the US and China is about control of fossil fuel dictated by US foreign policy and influenced by the US oil and war lobby. This goes some way to explaining the Trump prompted attacks on China by Australian PM Scott Morrison and the subsequent China trade embargos against Australia.

[1] One aspect of fossil fuel is about money, power and control of raw energy

Every article I've read about Scott Morrison’s trade stoush with China is missing the point. The real reason for the conflict comes back to the driver of every major conflict on the planet and that's about domination of oil and natural gas. Xi Jinping's military build-up in eastern China and their incursion into the South China Sea is about control of massive gas fields and subsequent territory from off-shore Malaysia to the southern tip of Japan encompassing strategically important Taiwan.


Scott Morrison had Australia join Trump’s armada, in the middle east, to protect the flow of oil from Saudi Arabia. Oil being plundered from war-torn Yemen. It follows that our presence in the South China Sea is not about freedom of navigation as postured by the U.S. and Australia. It’s about control of what China sees as their future energy and security needs and they will fight to the death to protect that and, in the process, crush anyone who gets in the way including Australia, as we are seeing.

Oil and natural gas equals war and conflict and as long as we are dependent on fossil fuel, we will need our strategic alliances. After being pounded by the pandemic we also need the support of our largest trading partner as our economic dependency on China 'will not change' irrespective of what Scott Morrison says. Being stuck between a rock and a hard place is part of being PM and this is one time I could have sympathised with Mr Morrison. Until he sold us out. Morrison spouts about sovereignty and then lies about putting Australians first and bows down to "Big Oil" and the associated war machine dictating U.S. policy.

Penny Wong summed it up - The negative rhetoric about China blowing in from the right is about justifying massive military expenditure, out of the pocket of every Australian, and points in one direction. The Morrison government is weak kneed about protecting Australian citizens, or our sovereignty, and his government has been corrupted by the fossil fuel industry and the U.S. and domestic oil and war lobby. It's about ripping off the country and screwing all of us.

"Once you face the real problems, there are diplomatic solutions that can be explored to manage both trade and defence alliances but not with a corrupted government. We need to get a bit smarter. These energy conflicts will escalate into the future, as the world runs out of oil and natural gas. The only real solution, to stop the wars $$$, is to transition away from fossil fuel towards renewable clean energy and, in the process, avoid catastrophic climate change. There is a much bigger picture becoming apparent, to global citizens and progressive governments, who are starting to understand the duel importance of climate action." 

TIMELINE - As tensions escalate between Australia & China



Source extract: China Global Times

30th July 2016


From Beijing; the story goes back beyond July 2016 but, for the readers here, that's a starting point. The Permanent Court of Arbitration in The Hague said there was no evidence that China had exercised exclusive control over the waters or resources historically... Around that announcement (12th July 2016) the international tribunal has dismissed China's claims to much of the South China Sea. A defiant China furiously rejected the ruling of what it calls a “law-abusing” tribunal, China has been excluded from, as the world watches nervously.

Australia was one of the most delirious countries with Canberra immediately supporting the arbitration result and claimed China "must" abide by it, and also signed a joint declaration with the US and Japan. Our newly elected (2nd July 2016) Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull started the snowball rolling and, despite the brick wall of animosity between them, has just prompted our current PM Scott Morrison to hold the hard line with China?

"It appears there may be a bit of ego and face saving involved in this, Mr Turnbull, unless there is some other lapel badge fraternity applying pressure from the wings?"

Australia had inked a free trade agreement with China, its biggest trading partner, which makes its move of disturbing the South China Sea waters surprising to many. With nearly half of all Australian goods exports now going to China, Beijing uses this economic reliance to its advantage to try to force Canberra to modify its tone and behaviour and back off.

"While China sees their actions in the South China Sea through a defensive lens as pointed out by Greg Moriarty the head of Australia’s defence department, the U.S. and subsequently the Morrison Government see the actions of Beijing as a threat". There's more than one way to justify pouring hundreds of billions of dollars into military expenditure?


5th December 2016

In a show of force, the US has been deploying troops and warships in Asia and the Pacific over the past few months. War footing US readies for war with China by mobilising 400 bases packed with warships and nukes to create a "perfect noose" around the Asian superpower... Read more

"Don't panic yet, to avoid war, you need to be prepared for war. During the industrial era, the growth, wealth and power of a nation has been directly related to the control and availability of energy. The energy that has fuelled the modern era and most of the wars being oil and natural gas. This escalating conflict between the US and China is a fight for control of energy in multiple regions around the world, not just the South China Sea. The only way to diffuse these conflicts is, once again, to transition to renewable clean energy but, to do that, you need government support. Government support we are not getting in Australia - We are getting the opposite and, disturbingly, a push for war with our largest trading partner?"



By political reporter Jade Macmillan and defence correspondent Andrew Greene
1st July 2020

Australia to spend $270 billion building larger military to prepare for 'poorer, more dangerous' world and the rise of China. When they talk about the bad behaviour that's happening in the region, the annexation of territory, coercion, the influencing of domestic politics, the use of cyber attacks – it's really only one country which is doing that at industrial levels, and that's the People's Republic of China.

That's what we are told is the reasoning behind the largest military spend in Australian peace-time history. When it comes to war and conflict, someone always makes a profit. When it comes to justifying a massive military spend you need a massive threat and Scott Morrison has managed to achieve that, all by himself, by alienating China.

Scott Morrison has taken $10,000 out of the pockets of every man, woman and child in Australia to feed the American war machine. On top of that crippling national expenditure you can add the resulting trade war, with our largest trading partner, set to decimate the Australian economy as China's hit list of sanctions and tariffs on Australian trade keeps growing. It's what the warmongers call "collateral damage".


Exclusive by defence correspondent Andrew Greene
23rd July 2020

As of July 2020 we are still posturing on behalf of the U.S. and Japan as Australian warships encountered Chinese navy in the contested South China Sea. It is understood the Australian warships did not come within 12 nautical miles of the contested islands, unlike American warships, which have recently conducted freedom of navigation exercises to challenge Beijing's territorial claims. With China denouncing 'provocation' as US warships transit the Taiwan Strait.


Daniel Hurst in Canberra and Justin McCurry in Tokyo

18th November 2020

Australia and Japan agree in principle to defence pact that will increase military ties. Once finalised, the agreement will mark the first time in 60 years that Tokyo has approved a deal permitting foreign troops to operate on Japanese soil. It's the thin edge of the wedge and like a pawn in a game of chess, that move will further antagonise and infuriate China in their push to control South China Sea gas fields and escalate their military build-up. With Beijing quick to threaten counter measures.

"Beijing wonders: are we utterly ignorant of the deep enmity between China and Japan? The Japanese invasion and occupation of China during the 1930s and '40s is a scar on the soul of Chinese people. Millions of innocent civilians were killed. China still demands a full apology from Japan".


By Max Walden ABC
20th November 2020

China warning to Five Eyes intelligence partners: China has reiterated its claim that the Morrison Government is solely to blame for deteriorating relations between Beijing and Canberra. "No matter how many eyes they have, five or ten or whatever, should anyone dare to undermine China's sovereignty, security and development interests, they should be careful they don't get their eyes poked blind."


By International Affairs Analyst Stan Grant
22nd November 2020

Right now, Australia is in Xi's crosshairs and, surely no one still believes that Australia doesn't have to choose between our American alliance and our China trade dependence? Australia's trade clash with China is a lesson in what Beijing's power really means. The Communist Party asks, why should it be lectured to by the likes of Australia, a country whose prosperity is tied to China? China's economic might, hungry for our resources, underwrote Australia's 30 years of uninterrupted economic growth.


By Ian Verrender ABC
23rd November 2020

Business leaders unleashing their fury at Canberra's attack on China. Australian exports of meat, timber, cotton, coal, barley, wine and seafood have been targeted by Chinese authorities this year as tensions escalate with Australia’s biggest companies expressing alarm. Australian iron ore, our biggest export earner, is on the front line. If China invades Taiwan, the US would put enormous pressure on Canberra to stop the trade.

"Even now, Australia selling iron ore to China is under threat and, seen by some as supplying the Chinese military with raw material to build aircraft carriers, fighter jets and missiles to aim at U.S. bases and Australian warships. As the US starts to blacklist firms whose goods may support Chinese military activities. It suggests that Scott Morrison, who is pushing this conflict with China, has a short-circuit in the head for putting the prosperity of a nation on the line and prompting our allies to sanction China in retaliation, to take sides and escalate the conflict.

Now we are starting to get somewhere

From what we are reading here, we are being prompted to choose sides: America as our primary defence alliance or China as our largest trading partner? Naturally we will choose America and support our most important allies regardless of the economic consequences. Once you become tangled up in this debate, it's easy to lose sight of the bigger picture. The bigger picture being that we would not have these conflicts and we would not need to choose sides if oil and natural gas were no longer the worlds primary energy source!

To our prize winning journalists

Why do I feel like I'm the only person seeing this? What's everyone with a voice afraid of? I can understand the ABC being afraid to voice an honest opinion for fear of more funding cuts from the right but, what's wrong with the rest of our prize winning journalists? It's time to snap out of the catatonic state, rethink what your profession is all about and then seriously consider what's looming on the horizon before it's too late. We need to inform public debate and Australian's have a right to know since it is our country and our future. Australia doesn't belong to a hand full of war mongering, fossil fuel, greed driven narcissistic idiots pushing for conflict with China.

I take it back and humbly apologise - a bit



Published 26 Apr 2021, 5:53am
By Stephen Long, Mary Fallon, and Naomi Selvaratnam

ABC investigative reporter and researchers at Four Corners


The ABC are having a say about collateral damage and the human and financial cost of the ongoing trade war with China. Although not mentioning the real reason for the conflict, it's a shot across the bow of Scott Morrison's coalition government on behalf of the good people of Australia. As New Zealand signs-off on a lucrative trade agreement with China and maintains a level-headed approach to business as usual.


Across the ditch Australia remains tied to a deal made with Trump's U.S. and the grip of Scott Morrison's arrogance, as we start to look increasingly isolated verging on pathetically stupid for being caught in the middle of the U.S/China global superpower conflict in the first place! Trump encouraged Morrison to throw stones at China.

Back to this article


By David Crowe - SMH
30th November 2020, 6.29pm

China's attack on Australia is another attempt to provoke: Beijing has found a way to start a much deeper dispute with Australia than any argument about trade embargos or $700 million of stranded coal held up off Chinese ports. The Chinese Communist Party has fired a calculated insult at Australia with a doctored image of an Australian soldier holding a knife to the throat of an Afghan child. This comes about as a result of alleged war crimes with Australian special forces involved in accusations of killing Afghan civilians.

"There is a side story here and a frightening parallel. The 19 year war in Afghanistan has always been a profit driven 'resource war' about control of natural gas. And, here we have another one starting up in the South China Sea. Both conflicts, and subsequent Australian involvement, driven by the war-mongering fossil fuel industry coupled with strategic U.S. military bases aimed at China. Any involvement Australia has in these global 'oil war' conflicts is a small token gesture but, a powerful show of allegiance to America and, there will always be a heavy price to pay for that".


By foreign affairs reporter Stephen Dziedzic
2nd December 2020

Federal Government facing a tightrope walk on China as relations nosedive. When Zhao Lijian's inflammatory post hit Twitter on Monday morning you could hear audible gasps in Parliament House. The response was swift and angry. Within two hours, Scott Morrison was staring down the barrel of a camera in the Lodge, denouncing the Chinese Government and demanding an apology. It's an apology that will never come. Analysts and foreign policy watchers are unimpressed. They've called it a stumble, a mis-step, a blunder.


By Eryk Bagshaw, Anthony Galloway and Shane Wright - SMH
3rd December 2020

The Morrison government has been accused of presiding over a complete breakdown of relationships with China. The impasse overshadowed Australia becoming one of the first countries in the world to move out of the sharpest recession in a century on Wednesday, as businesses, miners and state governments become increasingly vulnerable to economic pressure from Beijing - With simple-minded platitudes treasurer Josh Frydenberg has warned, as China and Australia enter a diplomatic stalemate.

"One really needs to ask the big question: Why is Scott Morrison doing this? Clearly, he is not a fucking idiot if that's what you're thinking, or is he just easily manipulated, or is it about greed and self interest, or are we trapped? Clearly, to attack our largest trading partner and threaten the Australian economy there is something much bigger at play.


Clearly, that something bigger is what has dominated the planet in the modern era and that something is fossil fuel and associated military expenditure. Follow the dollars. Driven by America, that's where the big money is: oil, natural gas and war. With the US demanding 2% of a countries GDP, for armament, to join the US club. Unfortunately, by alienating our largest trading partner we will pay many times that amount."


Charlie Coë For Daily Mail Australia
6th December 2020

China slams Australian effort to develop missile as 'potential threat'  China has hit out at Australia's plans to develop advanced hypersonic missiles with the US - labelling the strategy a 'potential threat' to the Asian superpower. The Morrison government announced on Tuesday plans to build and test the high-tech cruise missiles that can travel at five times the speed of sound and sink aircraft carriers. The missiles, designed to be fired from fighter jets, will be capable of flying the distance between Sydney and Melbourne in seven minutes. The proposal prompted fierce backlash from state-controlled Chinese newspaper The Global Times. As Russian President Vladimir Putin blames Washington for starting a new arms race.

For Australia, that puts a whole new slant on the State of Origin and of course, in a cold war, just like any war, someone always makes a profit. The last cold war arms race destroyed Russia economically, it sent them broke. I can't see that happening against China with their economic might, so what's the point? Profit is the point and tax payers pay for it. You and me pay to develop weapons of mass destruction to feed the war machine in the fight for control of oil and natural gas energy. Something we can get from renewables, without the conflict or the wars or the death and destruction, if we can install a government that thinks that way. 


By International Affairs Analyst Stan Grant
6th December 2020

As China hysteria reaches fever pitch, today we are bombarded with commentary driving fear and antagonism, hyping confrontation and talking about values as if morality has always been the basis of foreign policy. It hasn't, as explained by International Affairs Analyst Stan Grant with a common sense approach to calming the water...Read more


By Laura Tingle - 7:30
12th December 2020

Chinese company proposes to set up base on Daru in the Western Province of Papua New Guinea, just a few kilometres from the Australian border. As the Australia-China relationship deteriorates, a $200m PNG 'fishery' deal raises eyebrows with the agreement set to escalate a growing sense of threat. The Belt and Road Initiative is the gargantuan infrastructure network China's President Xi Jinping launched in 2013, establishing land and sea routes, and ports, as well as economic dependencies on China, in many poorer countries. It's the Chinese equivalent of The World Bank from which China is excluded...Read more

"Australia's new military alliance with Japan, posturing in the South China Sea with our U.S. ally and, our largest ever military spend being the reasons for this escalating trade embargo from China. In other words, we are being dragged into another geo-political conflict focussed on territory containing oil and natural gas. Donald Trump with his stupendous ego and blundering stupidity attempted to overthrow American democracy but has just been shot down by the US Supreme Court. With Trump gone, we will need to get our heads together with U.S. president-elect Joe Biden and, for the sake of Australia and all Australians, seriously re-think our governments hawkish approach to China".


By Helen Davidson in Taipei - The Guardian
18th December 2020

The Pentagon has warned that US maritime forces will become more forceful in responding to acts of aggression, expansionism, and breaches of international law, citing Beijing in particular, which has been criticised for expansionist
ambitions in the South China Sea.

A major new report signed by the heads of the US Marine Corps, Navy, and Coast Guard warned the “rules-based international order is once again under assault”. The report said China and Russia were now “determined rivals” of the US, with China presenting “the most pressing long-term strategic threat”. “China is the only rival with the combined economic and military potential to present a long term, comprehensive challenge to the US,” the report said. “It seeks to corrode international maritime governance, deny access to traditional logistical hubs, inhibit freedom of the seas, control use of key chokepoints, deter our engagement in regional disputes, and displace the United States as the preferred partner in countries around the world"...Read more

Time to ask a very simple question

Now that we have been talked into going to war with China, by the heads of the US Navy, and as madman and mobster Donald J Trump awards Scott Morrison the prestigious US military legion of merit for his unwavering support in this endeavour, it's probably a very good time to ask a very simple question: "Would China build a ring of islands around the South China Sea gas fields if there was no gas there?"  With that in mind: "What's driving the conflict?" Simple answer: "The same thing that is going to drive every conflict and war on the planet for the next 50 to 60 years or, until the world runs out of oil and natural gas."  

"If we don't want two more generations of war and the ensuing catastrophic climate change there is only one way out and that's urgent 'Climate Action' to phase out fossil fuel. To do that we need a government who puts society first and we won't get that from politicians with a 'what's in it for me' mentality."

Hanging in the balance

Australia is now in the thick of the global conflicts for control of energy in the form of oil and natural gas. With military involvement in Afghanistan, the Middle East and now the South China Sea. Is it really worth going to war (trade or otherwise) with China over what they see as homeland security and fossil fuel on China's front door-step. Fossil fuel we are trying to phase-out to save the planet! We need to reduce our dependence on fossil fuel to remove the two-fold threat posed by the war-mongering, climate destroying, fossil fuel industry. Since China is our largest trading partner, we will not win this conflict and, with the future prosperity of a nation hanging in the balance, one needs to seriously consider who will be added to Australia's growing collateral damage list, Mr Morrison!

"In a nut shell, when some of the most powerful on the planet are seeing red, in the eternal battle for money, power and control, and now dominance of the remaining oil and gas, that has fed them, you can understand why they don't see an even greater threat looming on the horizon."


[2] Besides war, the other aspect of fossil fuel is about global warming

People with myopia, loss aversion and confirmation bias, or people who have been brain-washed by the fossil fuel lobby, simply don’t get the looming threat of catastrophic climate change so, once again, let me explain: Greenhouse gasses, from burning fossil fuel, are like a blanket. The more we add the thicker the blanket and the hotter the earth becomes. At the beginning of the industrial revolution Co2 was 278 parts per million. By December 2020, it has reached a new record high of 415 ppm with the entire world 1.1°C warmer and Australia 1.44°C hotter and rising.  

Across the entire planet, it's a massive amount of additional heat. Heat equates to energy and the more energy the more extreme our weather events. The looming threat is written in the geologic record and tells us that sea level fluctuation is more than 130 metres depending on the volume of the global ice reservoir and that relates to air and sea temperature. From ice core samples, the last time Co2 levels were this high was in the late Pliocene era when sea levels were 20 meters higher, than today, and global temperature was 3°C to 4°C hotter. That's our future if we don't stop burning fossil fuel and even a child understands the science.

Killing two birds with one stone

(1) We can stop the climate crisis and rising oceans and (2) We can stop the oil wars, the conflict, and the social division by cutting through the propaganda and removing the demand for fossil fuel. We can do this together by insisting our politicians promote a rapid transition to renewable clean energy. This is more than just political ideology and vested interests, this is about the ongoing prosperity of a nation, this is about saving humanity, the natural world, our beautiful beaches and the future of your own family and, it doesn’t get any bigger than that.

See it how it is and I say it how it is

Australia risks becoming an international pariah if it maintains its climate denialism as its major trading partners embrace carbon neutrality. The election of Joe Biden further isolates the Morrison government as a climate denialist holdout in a world where the economies most important to Australia have all embraced serious emissions abatement targets. After long pandering to climate denialists on the back bench (and in News Corp), conservatives are no longer arguing the science for fear of looking like a bunch of idiots. In a game of dodgeball, the focus now is fighting the transition to renewable clean energy in their unwavering support of the fossil fuel industry, blinkered to the social, economic and environmental consequences.

The United Nations see straight through Scott Morrison. Selwin Hart, the special adviser to UN secretary-general António Guterres on climate action, said Australia did not meet the threshold needed to speak at the 12th December 2020 Climate Summit and, defends excluding Australia with Canberra livid at the rebuff. With Australia's new climate pledge to the UN criticised for not improving on 2030 target (5th January 2021). Any improvement would include reducing fossil fuel consumption and clearly, that is not on the LNP agenda who are now pushing gas down every Australian's throat.

"It appears that what the civilised world is up against is starting to sink in. This is insanity, we have the technology to transition to clean energy but our leaders choose to fight over something that scientists say will destroy us. No wonder the rest of the world has turned their backs on Scott Morrison. History will remember his climate denial and that he dragged us into another military conflict, over fossil fuel, with our larges trading partner, during an economically crippling pandemic when, as a nation, we could least afford it.


We are a country in disgrace when it comes to action on climate change and for allowing our politicians to promote fossil fuel, conflict and war at the expense of their own country. I for one am ashamed of those same politicians and, after Trumps attempted Coup, recount the much quoted words of Ulysses S Grant: “There are two parties now, patriots and traitors.” Those who put their country first and those driven by greed, ignorance and short-term self-interest, with the pursuit of wealth and political power stymieing the action that is crucial for survival and, hasten the world towards a 'ghastly' future.

In summing up

We have a world at war in the fight for control of depleting energy reserves, and it's escalating! The economic destruction of Venezuela, and the refugees heading for Trumps purpose built exclusion wall, is about control of the largest oil supply on the planet with 297 billion barrels of oil driving the conflict between the US and a China/Russia alliance. All of the wars in the Middle East, driving millions of refugees into Europe and the UK, are about control of oil. The 19 year war in Afghanistan is about control of natural gas. The generational conflict in Angola is about the US and China fighting for control of oil. The Israel conflict is about oil being plundered from land under Palestinian control. The escalating conflict in the South China Sea is about control of natural gas and drives China's economically crippling trade embargo against Australia. The starvation war and murder of the innocent in Yemen is about oil being plundered by Saudi Arabia and the UAE under the protection of Trumps US and shamefully Australia with war ships deployed to the Strait of Hormuz to protect the flow of 'blood oil' at Australian taxpayers expense.


It's all about 'Blood Oil' (Australia's part in the Yemen conflict)



Daniel Hurst - The Guardian
19th January 2021

Approval of Australian military exports to Saudi Arabia and UAE condemned by human rights groups. The Australian federal government has approved at least 14 permits for the export of military goods to Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates over the last year and a half, despite their involvement in plundering oil from war-torn Yemen. The conflict has created a humanitarian crisis including the Saudi starvation strategy leading to the death of 85,000 innocent children.


Daniel R. DePetris - Newsweek
28th January 2021

As another slap in the face to Scott Morrison, US President Joe Biden just tore up Trump's blank check to Saudi Arabia and blocks all pending weapons sales to Saudi Arabia and the UAE intended for used in the plunder of Yemen's oil and the murder of civilians. The other slap in the face comes from Joe Biden's climate envoy citing Australia's black summer bushfires as reason for urgent climate action, while Scott Morrison continues to push fossil fuel.


Patrick Wintour Diplomatic editor - The Guardian
29th January 2021

UK under pressure to freeze arms sales to Saudi Arabia and UAE. The US decision to freeze arms sales to Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates pending a review has led to renewed calls for the UK, Riyadh’s second largest arms supplier, to reassess its own policy or risk looking diplomatically isolated.

What we are seeing here is the new US administration under President Joe Biden tackling the war mongering fossil fuel industry head on. Take note Scott Morrison or Australia is also headed for diplomatic isolation.


Fossil Fuel and War

War is rationalised to serve an agenda and the first thing to suffer is the truth. The agenda is not terrorism or ideology, that's a smoke screen and diversion. The agenda is war and conflict for the control of energy in the form of oil & natural gas. The mindset was entrenched long before we felt the effects of global warming, as a result of burning fossil fuel. With catastrophic climate change now staring us in the face, continuing the wars is not just crazy but also shameful, and sinful, when you consider the human tragedy while we have an unlimited supply of clean energy from the sun, wind and hydro at our fingertips.

Entire countries are being destroyed, millions of innocent people have been displaced or murdered and the carnage is driven by the fossil fuel and arms industry, for profit. While they hinder the transition to a clean alternative by corrupting our politicians, including those in Australia! If we burn all the oil and gas they are fighting over, we drive catastrophic climate change, we flood our coastal cities with rising oceans, we lose our beautiful beaches and the Australian way of life, we destroy a biosphere suitable for human habitation and we decimate the natural world with a mass-extinction event as reported by the global scientific community.

We have been caught between two global superpowers vying for global dominance and, it's unlikely that will change. What can change is the reason we are in this position and that, once again, is the battle for control of depleting oil and gas reserves. In the best interest of Australia, and to diffuse the wars, we need to remove the demand for fossil fuel and that, once again, brings us back to the reason for this article.

Climate Action

For civilised and thinking people we only have one weapon to save us from the 'Oil Wars' and what the United Nations describes as 'Catastrophic Global Warming'. That weapon is 'Climate Action' and we need to use that to force a rapid transition to renewable clean energy. With government and corporate enthusiasm for hydrogen we can create sufficient green energy to challenge the oil sector. The world is waking up and if we work together we can protect the planet and diffuse the wars and the conflict. You can tell your children and grand-children that you did your best to save their world and you can do that by pressuring our politicians and exercising your right at the ballot box.

Knowing how the world works makes it easier to navigate and, with knowledge comes the power to drive change. With that in mind, collectively, we can change the world for the better with your vote as the blueprint for political change.

For more information and the evidence

If you need a bit more info about this nightmare scenario between Xi Jinping and Scott Morrison you can get some of that in my article "Using Australia as a Pawn!" with the Trump government pushing Scott Morrison and Australia into a new U.S. cold war with China. The big player here, of course, is "Big Oil" and my article "Big Oil v The Planet" will give you some of the background story and all of the evidence in relation to the "Oil Wars" raging across the planet right now.

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