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What Makes an Activist


A desire for freedom makes an artist - What makes an activist?


Something happens in our lives and causes us to question what we know. We open our eyes and seek the truth. The more we uncover, the hungrier we are to understand how the world works. We discover a world driven by greed, corruption and deception. We read a lot and there is a capacity to see the big picture, put the greater good ahead of ourselves and be prepared to stand and fight for a better and fairer world.


Stephen Fitzgerald (aka SteveFitz) is a citizen journalist, humanitarian, activist, photographer and artist with a social conscience. Spent his early informative years exploring the native landscape around Helensburgh as a bare foot bush kid. He was school captain of La Perouse public school and was influenced by the local Koori. Lived and surfed at North Narrabeen from 1965 and moved to Avalon in 1984.


He worked with the Lands Department, for 10 years, in managing the Crown estate involving aspects of foreshore development, extractive industry, subdivision and environmental impact. During this time he completed a research oriented Valuation of Real Estate course, including 4 years mercantile law, from what is now UTS. Was a delegate to the PSA and Associate Member of the Commonwealth Institute of Valuers.

Self-taught photographic and specialist darkroom skills led him into the Sydney Advertising Industry from 1983 to 1998 where he worked with Art Directors and Production Managers from agencies including George Pats, Saatchi’s, Singletons, Y&R, FNL and Mattingly in the areas of photo composite, retouching and photo special effects resulting in a number of agency awards.

He supports the arts and enters major competitions every year. A passion for landscape photography has produced an expansive portfolio of Avalon Beach... click Avalon Photos


Social conscience




​What I have exposed is corruption of the Fair Work Commission. Proven and on the court record. Corporates are dictating our labour laws with the blessing of the Liberal government and, to the detriment of Australian working families.


This evidence has been passed on to Transparency International, prominent QC’s and the Labour Party to help in their push for a national corruption watchdog. Corruption can only be contained if exposed to investigation and a legal process. Something lacking at a federal level in Australia and, one needs to ask why?


The loss of faith in our institutions is a result of that same corruption. What the Australian population wants is honesty and morality and that includes corporates and government justifying their actions to the people. It's our country and we deserve nothing less. The evidence of corporate and political corruption prompted me to dig a little deeper and, the further I went, the darker it became.


With the Liberal government opposing a banking royal commission, opposing a national ICAC, intending to hand corporates $80 billion in tax cuts, flooding the workforce with unskilled immigrant labour, Turnbull's $444 million unsolicited handout to his cronies,, the truth about Turnbull and Turnbull's tax evasion. You can smell the stench of betrayal in the air.


With all good intent we vote our representatives into power for their promises and social conscience and then, they are “engaged” by corporates and the financial elite and seduced by the spoils of office.



Social media articles - Australian Independent Media Network - Input by SteveFitz

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IPCC Report



SPEAKING OF THE FINANCIAL ELITE - In the news right now  - 1st August 2018


Why would the Liberal Government align themselves with a Cambodian dictatorship? Unless, of course, the Liberal Party sees that as a model for Australia’s future. “A financial elite running the country with an ever-expanding working-class poor to feed off”. Because, at the moment, that’s the way Australia is headed pushed by none other our esteemed prime minister the Hon Malcolm Turnbull oops, Scott Morrison. Because their ideology dictates to them that it's O.K. to do that.


One may ask, why would the Australian military be given call out powers to respond to riots, just like in Cambodia, unless the Liberal government anticipates massive riots or, are looking for military alignment at some time in the future? What Hun Sen is doing in Cambodia is nothing short of treason against his own people. What is Malcolm Turnbull and his neoliberal ideology, veiled in lies, deceit and corruption, doing for the people of Australia other than driving inequality and poverty?


IN A NUT SHELL - Who decides Australia's future?


[1] If you want half a chance of Australia being driven by the voice of the people with a government looking out for the best interest of working families and the future of our children, vote Labour and vote for freedom & democracy.


[2] If you want corporates running the country, looking out for the best interest of the financial elite, with a trickle-down effect to the people and their children (Just like in Cambodia), vote Liberal and vote for sickening inequality and social oppression.




Letter to the Prime Minister the Hon Malcolm Turnbull - Happy 4th of July 2018

Transparency International, QC's and Unions call for a National ICAC

Letters to Senator the Hon Michaelia Cash - Corporate corruption in the FWC

Letter to The Hon Peter Dutton MP - Immigration scam ripping off Australia

Email to Unions - Protect the Australian workforce with leverage - March on the FWC

Australia Free Nation or Penal Colony - About human rights protection

Police State or Free and Democratic Society - RBT corruption & abuse (Article 12 UDHR)


Our Right to Freedom - Being young and half wild

E-cigarettes Tobacco Harm Reduction - National health - To save 15,000 Australian lives a year


National Health Initiative - Poster

Polly wants a cracker - Poster


Email to those with Influence and Authority - Corporate corruption - With email list

Liberal government economic mismanagement - Has doubled Australia’s national debt.


Federal by-elections - Australian public are starting to wake up.

Have you signed the Declaration against Corruption? Add your name today!

RBT CULTURE – OPEN TO CORRUPTION AND ABUSE - Emailed to the media & all state MP's

If the Random Breath Testing (RBT) culture were working, there would be fewer DUI (driving under the influence of alcohol) related accidents on our roads? If DUI statistics, since RBT's inception, are anything to go by. Since RBT’s are outlawed in America and England, what’s going on in Australia – Land of the free?

RBT is the big stick being used by the police to beat us, the people, and the harder they beat us the more money they get from the state. The over-statement by 258,000 of the RBT statistics in Victoria, by the police, is evidence of this – (It’s been happening in WA since 2001 and it's in the news right now). In America and England it’s called social oppression, human rights abuse and blatant corruption of the system by the police.

Australia is a co- founder and signatory to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and this brings us to Article 12 “No one shall be subjected to arbitrary interference with their privacy… Everyone has the right to the protection of the law against such interference or attack”.

The state has no right to breath test without good reason to do so – In other words, unless you are unregistered, speeding, driving erratically or involved in an accident. Invasion of your privacy is human rights abuse and RBT is nothing less than primitive animal behaviour to strike fear into the population disguised as protection.

DUI can be better controlled with penalties like $10,000 fine for the first offence, $20,000 and car crushing for the second offence and 5 years imprisonment for the third offence. Who would DUI then? Answer = No-one. The cost saving, to us tax payers, by removing RBT’s would be 10’s of billions of $$$ - Better spent on infrastructure or chasing down criminals and criminal organisations.

So, what drives the RBT culture – Well, the police love it because it satisfies their police state mentality. But, that’s only part of the problem. The RBT culture, like everything open to corruption and abuse, is driven by money or profit. The corporations and companies who supply the RBT units, to the state and the police, push the RBT culture. If Breathalyser Sales and Service P/L donations to the police force are anything to go by.


View the evidence: Police State or Free and Democratic Society



Human rights equate to freedom - Take away human rights and you take away freedom. Australia is a co-founder and signatory to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Human Rights protection that needs to be written into the Australian Constitution concurrently with the formation of a Human Rights Court accessible to all Australians. Society can be changed for a better future or we can cling to the status quo - A world ravaged by corporate corruption of our career public servants and our elected representatives, driven by greed, at the expense of all of society.


The corruption I have seen has an element of human rights abuse woven into it - every time. So, corporate corruption can be stopped in a Human Rights Court by us the people. The government don't need to get involved and I'm sure they would be relieved to hear that - So why are they so reluctant to acknowledge and protect human rights?



Unlawful and criminal activity are perpetrated because those involved can get away with it. That's a symptom of the disease. Cure the disease and you cure the symptom and, in the process, protect our legal system and restore justice. If that's what corporations, the legal fraternity and our government wants? The top end of town doesn’t care what we want, or what's best for society, they only care about themselves so, they need to be exposed and, that's what I am doing...

In the Fair Work Commission there are two political appointments which suggests that the FWC does the governments bidding. If that bidding leans towards the corporate then the worker will not be able to get a fair go and, that's what has been happening. Here's the key: It's corporations corrupting the government that drive this behaviour. Subsequently, it's our government that needs protecting as much as society from those same unscrupulous corporations.


On the court record: The dark heart in Australian society has been exposed to the harsh light of day with evidence of corporate corruption of the Fair Work Commission and collusion between the corporate and the commissioner hearing matters: View the evidence. In addition, corporate defence lawyers have been barred from corrupting future proceedings: Financial Review article


Corporations involved in unlawful activity, in this arena, is a result of corporations corrupting our elected representatives and subsequently our government bodies. Hopefully, with the removal of defence lawyers and exposing corrupted magistrates, corporations will then be held accountable?


So, who really did steel justice - Was it the lawyer, the magistrate, our government or the corporate? It's not too hard to work out where it stems from - Corporates and their shonky lawyers have the most to gain. Two things have been achieved here (1) Defence lawyers have been barred from future proceedings and (2) Corporate and government collusion has been exposed with the corruption of Commissioner Cambridge as proven.

SOLUTION - Call by prominent judges for a federal ICAC: Set up a truly independent federal corporate watchdog to investigate illegal and unlawful activity, by corporates, and the corporate corruption of our elected representatives and our career public servants. The royal commission into the financial sector is confirmation of corporate behaviour and, a starting point would be investigation of the corruption of the Fair Work Commission by corporates - Since we already have the evidence to prove it.




Ah, back to shonky lawyers and federal corruption again - And silly people. My ex-wife was a lovely, dark hearted, English lady here for the gold rush handed up on a silver platter by the Family Law Court - She initiated divorce proceedings while I was away on my annual golf trip - As you would, I had a nice house and she wanted it. Anyway, her barrister - Ex-registrar of the Family Law Court turned family-law lawyer - What's his name? Galinos - Marcus Galinos. Made out that I initiated divorce proceedings to manipulate the man/women statistics and my lawyer went along with everything he wanted. He put a warning on the top of my file that he would go after me if I exposed him.


It's all about shonky lawyers making a dollar and they have over-run and corrupted the FLC. They are laughing at you... They will destroy you and your family and tear out the hearts of your innocent children for a buck. Something that's worthless compared to your family. Because there is no federal corruption watchdog these unscrupulous lawyers, together with their cohort magistrates, get away with murder.


Here's the problem: Besides the lawyers, the Family Law Court and the Child Support Agency only sanction what the woman wants opening the door for unscrupulous women to use their children as a weapon to acquire money, assets, power and control over their children, husband and society. The same thing that drives the human condition in a world ravaged by greed. What these women don't get is that it's a trap... The intention is to put you down and keep you down and suck as much money out of you as they can. Use your brains girls. The only thing in life worth fighting to the death for is your own family so, who in their right mind would throw it away?


A man and a woman is a man and a woman. When the children come along they becomes a family. So, who does the family belong to. It belongs to the children and no one has a right to take that away from them. If you hate each other that much and can't fight your way through that to find love and respect, you still have an obligation to your children so please, wait until they are 18 before you smash each others face in.


What family is about: Two people working together can build an empire and pass that on to their children - Their children add to that and pass that on. The wealth accumulates and the family becomes financially independent. Two people working against each other lose everything including their children. All is lost for a number of generations for that family. And, the damaged children and their children have to start over. There is only so much room at the top and the intention is to put you down and keep you down and, woman fall for it... 93% of divorces are initiated by woman and it's not because all men are bastards - It's because some women don't think ahead. The damage done to the poor innocent children is terrible - It's one of the worst things I've ever seen - The most painful. And all for what? For nothing, because those women who destroy their families for money and assets end up with nothing!


A vow is no vow at all if it's forgotten or broken - It's not that hard to remember.. Give in to each other a bit, find a middle ground and get on with it. Kids Rule - Build that empire. If you are honest with yourself and each other who knows what might happen. Don't let society beat you down - Fight back and fight for your family...

Universal Declaration of Human Rights - Article 16 (3) - “The family is the natural and fundamental group unit of society and is entitled to protection by society and the State”. So, why are families so wilfully destroyed by the federal Family Law Court where corruption is embraced and protected? (There is no national ICAC)



If you would like to try something a little bit lighter then check the Crook Poets Society. Also, if you would like to find out a bit more about SteveFitz in the early days, have a look at The NN Chapter



My Forefathers Great Grand Father, Grand Father and Father fort for the same things I fight for - A free and democratic society where human rights are protected and there's a fair go for everyone. It's in the blood...




Down through the ages, more people have died in religious wars than any other... Crimes by people who believe in God... The bulk of civilization believes in God and yet here we are... We see war, murder, mayhem, rape, pillage, plunder and a world ravaged by greed. It's not just about believing in God.


It's also about God believing in YOU and, for that to happen... You need to be a reasonable person... A good human being and, we are born knowing what that is. If nothing else, while striving to be a better person, we develop a conscience and empathy. What has played in my head: THERE IS A MESSAGE and the poem KINGDOM OF THE LORD


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